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When it comes to stink bug horror stories we’ve heard and seen them all. From simply having one land on you when you least expect it to like turning on the ceiling fan and being showered with them, the stories are endless and none of them are pleasant. Late summer is upon us, which means it will soon be prime time for these pests to make themselves comfortable in your home.

Stink Bug Season

Stink Bugs are agricultural pests, so naturally, they do not thrive in the cold of winter. In late summer and autumn as low temperatures creep up on us, these insects begin to find their way inside in effort of keeping themselves warm. They often make their homes in walls and attics and typically invade in large numbers. In the Spring when temperatures begin to warm up again, they will emerge from these hiding spots and become active within your home.

How to Prevent Them

Because these pests travel in groups and tend to make their way into your home unnoticed and long before they become active, it is important to take preventative measures now that you are aware of the seasonal risks. Sealing off entry points is the only way to make sure Stink Bugs do not invade your home. Usual entry points include cracks in doorways, windows, chimneys and any other openings you can locate. Not all access points may be obvious, and this is often the reason that prevention can be so tricky.

Stink bugs are harmless, but they are a nuisance that nobody wants to share their home with. If you are struggling to keep them out, calling a professional is the smartest thing you can do. Before it gets too cold out, contact American Pest and get your home inspected and closed off to any unwanted visitors.

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