Stink Bug Traps Boom, But Are They Effective?



Home and business owners will soon again be at the mercy of stink bugs as the invasion persists and populations continue to rise across much of the Washington, DC metro vicinity.  

Last year Stink bugs spread heavily through the mid-Atlantic, impacting food crops and wreaking havoc in West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey—all of which reported record numbers of the nuisance pest. 

“We expect nothing shy of record numbers again this fall,” says W. Wayne White, Board Certified Entomologist for American Pest, “primarily due to inadequate agricultural controls and rapid population growth.”

Maryland area home and business owners can expect to begin seeing stink bugs move indoors (in droves) typically after the first frost. In the agricultural community, the concern extends from early spring throughout the entire growing season.

As the concern for the development of effective controls maintains its foothold at USDA, entrepreneurs across the country pursue patents and production for an array of devices aimed at trapping Stink bugs—including the do-it-yourself Stink bug trap comprised of a used 2 liter soda bottle, masking tape, and a flashlight.

American Pest, a Maryland-based pest control company headquartered in Fulton, weighs in on one product recently released to the DIY pest control market and appropriately named the “Stink Bug Trap,” a Rescue® brand product manufactured by Sterling International.

“We heard that many people were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the latest and greatest stink bug trapping device,” says White, “and once we became aware that our local retailers had received their first shipment of Stink Bug Traps, we decided to try one out and review it.”

Part 1 of a multi-part video review of the Stink Bug Trap by Rescue® was featured today on the American Pest YouTube channel, sidelining reviews of similar products. American Pest anticipates that the video review series will continue over the next several weeks, in an effort to bring awareness of the effectiveness of the product and its overall purpose to the public.

To view the video and follow the review series, click here.

The Stink Bug Trap product from Rescue® hit area hardware shelves earlier this week and production of the product is expected to match consumer demand well into fall.

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