Stink Bugs Are Causing A Major Stink In Washington D.C.


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In Washington D.C. and throughout Maryland, including Silver Spring, autumn is nearly here and as we start to settle in and get prepared for winter, unfortunately so do the stink bugs. At the first sign of cooler weather, the brown marmorated stink bug starts to enter homes through soffits, fascia, ridge vents, window air conditioners and any other crack or crevice in search of a place to overwinter, much to our dismay. American Pest, a longtime Maryland pest control company, would like to offer property owners a few simple tips that will help you keep stink bugs out of your home and a clothes pin off your nose.

The best possible way to prevent a stink bug problem is to prevent them from getting in. Late summer, early fall is the ideal time of year to implement your stink bug proofing plan, here’s how:

  • Keep doors and windows closed

  • Replace or repair any torn or damaged screens in windows and doors

  • Apply weather stripping around all windows and doors

  • Seal any cracks or crevices with a high quality silicone-latex caulking; pay close attention to under siding, around utility lines and appliance vents

  • Seal cracks around vents, pipes, utility cables and recessed lighting

  • Stink bugs feed on leafy vegetation so keep trees and shrubs trimmed back well away from your home

Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

If your best attempts to keep stink bugs out fail and you begin to notice a growing stink bug problem in your home, you can vacuum them up, but be prepared for your vacuum cleaner to stink for a while or you can call American Pest. For homeowners throughout D.C., Silver Springs and all of Maryland and locations throughout Northern Virginia, we offer effective stink bug reduction services that will help you get rid of stink bugs! Our year round stink bug control includes:

  • 3 exterior preventative treatments

  • 2 fall services between August and November, which will control adult stink bug populations

  • 1 spring service to stop stink bugs before they breed

  • Free no charge service call available all year long

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