Termite Awareness Week


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Here is a trivia question for you: "What does a warm winter do to termites?" If your answer was, "Nothing," you're pretty close. Cold weather does a wonderful job of reducing termite populations, but when we get an unseasonably warm winter like we did this year (2016/2017), it does absolutely nothing to kill termites. That means we can expect more termite activity this spring. This year, as part of Termite Awareness Week, which is March 12-18, we're adding this not-so-fun-fact to our list of bullet points.

Termite Facts You Can Share

A water-logged and mild winter means termite swarmers didn't freeze to death this year. If you live in an area that got lots of moisture, and not a lot of cold, you can expect a greater chance of infestation. #TermiteWeek

Termites are most likely to swarm in spring. In 2017, we expect to see swarmers earlier than normal, due to a mild winter. #TermiteWeek

The most destructive termite in the United States is the subterranean termite. These termites give few warning signs when they feed on a home. #TermiteWeek

Subterranean termite swarmers are usually a sign of infestation. If you see winged insects crawling on your home, call a professional. Early detection can prevent devastating damage. #TermiteWeek

Termite damage can be prevented with eco-friendly, always active, termite protocols. #TermiteWeek

When you have ongoing termite service from a professional pest control company, YOU decide how much those termites are going to cost. #TermiteWeek

There are few things more heartbreaking than having to tell a family that their home is being eaten by termites. These insects feed on wood, making it brittle and weak. If left to feed long enough, they can total a home. For some families, that is a financial hardship they never come back from. We would rather come sooner than later.

With termite service from American Pest, your property will be 100% safe. Not only will you have detailed inspections by a professional who knows how to detect termites, we have the tools to monitor for termite activity on your property. You don't have to worry about termites feeding on your home or business undetected. In fact, when termites come to feed, they're in for a rude awakening. Our bait system is designed to do more than keeping termites from eating your home, it uses worker termites against their own colonies.

We had an unusually warm winter in our D.C., Maryland, NOVA, service area. Don't let termites use that against you. Get your termite protection in place today. And please consider helping us get the word out. Termites are one pest everyone should be aware of.


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