Termite Awareness Week Reminds Maryland Residents of the Pending Threat


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It’s always good to get reminders. Our cell phones have alarms and calendars that remind us of important meetings or events, the gas gauge in our cars remind us that we need to get gas, and we may have notes about other things that we don’t want to forget. There are many reminders in life that can really help us out. Termite Awareness Week is one of those reminders, helping Maryland residents to be aware of and learn more about termites and the dangers that they can pose to homes.

Termite Awareness Week is March 11-17, 2018, and during this time many pest control companies will push to ensure that information is more readily available to educate homeowners. Did you know that termites have caused over $5 billion dollars each year in property damage, most of which is not usually covered by house insurance? The reason for this is that they are silent destroyers of wood and can eat 24/7. Large colonies of termites can cause an alarming amount of damage in a very short amount of time. It is highly suggested by pest control experts that homeowners get a professional termite inspection at least once every 3 years, if not, more frequently. Here is more information to further your termite knowledge, and to help you understand the damage they cause, and what you should do if you suspect an infestation.

Swarmers are the termites that reproduce. They are young female termites and male winged termites. In spring, after the thaw, they will emerge from nests to mate and look for new areas to begin a colony, which most often times will be in our homes. You may find swarmers or perhaps their discarded wings on window sills and near doors, which could well mean you are facing the beginning of a termite infestation. These are signs that should not be ignored.

You may never actually see a termite or any sign of termite activity, but some possible indicators include mud tubes on the exterior of your home, softwood inside that sounds hollow, blistered wood structures, cracked paint, or small piles of sawdust and feces at the end of an entry hole in the wood. If you see any of these signs or are worried that you may have termites, you should contact a professional pest control company immediately.

The pest control experts at American Pest have been protecting homes from dangerous pests like mice, roaches, and termites since 1925, during that time we have developed programs that are both effective and efficient. We provide proactive home pest control options that are designed to adapt to the changing seasons. With our help, you won't have to worry about pests again, because our Preferred Care plans are affordable, eco-friendly and designed to solve all of your pest-related problems. Get started with a termite inspection by giving us a call today.


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