Termites; What About Carpenter Ants?


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Have you heard all the talk lately about termites? Now that spring has sprung it seems that all eyes and ears are focused on those destructive little silent destroyers that cost Americans billions of dollars annually. Spring is when these creatures begin to become more active, breed and make huge advances on their goal of destroying your property, so all the talk and attention being given to these wood-eating pests is truly warranted.

However, with all the focus on these truly destructive pests, we can sometimes overlook a pest that is equally responsible for damages to homes and businesses each year. While the carpenter ant doesn’t eat wood, it does create tunnels throughout the wood. Carpenter ants use these tunnels to access their nests deep inside the belly of your home or to travel back and forth while searching for food. The fact that these ants do not actually eat the wood really doesn’t make much difference in the amount of damage done to the structural integrity of your home. The end result of these destructive ants tunneling through the support beams of your home is weakened supports and sagging walls and floors; and just like termites, they can cause massive damage to your home before you even know that they are there.

Let the arrival of spring be a reminder to you, not only of the silent termite but let it also be a reminder that carpenter ants are alive and well and in search of wood to destroy. And remember, there are some simple steps you can take around your home that will reduce your chances of hosting pests like the termite and carpenter ant this spring.

  • Keep your gutters clear of debris and in good working order to drain water away from your foundation.

  • Be sure all outside trash receptacles have tight fitting lids and that they are regularly emptied.

  • Seal all cracks and crevices in your foundation.

  • Repair or replace damaged screens on doors and windows.

  • Check all exterior doors and be sure that door sweeps are in good working order and replace any damaged or malfunctioning ones.

  • Keep all wood debris and clutter from collecting in and around your home.

  • Use bug lights in outside lighting sources whenever possible to deter insects.

  • Contract with a professional pest control company for year-round protection.

If you live in Northern Virginia, American Pest is here to help you avoid springtime issues with pests. We have tried and true year-round pest control plans that will keep more than 30 common pests out of your home including carpenter ants and that will monitor and control termites. Our family-owned company has been serving the people of Maryland and Virginia since 1925 with quality pest control services and we are QualityPro certified which means when you partner with American Pest you are partnering with the best. Don't delay, contact our team of pest control experts, today!


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