The ABC's of Bugs in Northern Virginia


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It's that time of year again when the hectic summer schedule comes to an end and the even more hectic fall school schedule begins. The big yellow buses are back on the road and the kids are back in school learning their ABC's and 123's. While the kids are officially in 'learning season', the truth is that we never stop learning.

Did you know that there are bugs in Virginia for every letter of the alphabet? Here are some ABC's of some of the pesky insects here.

A is for ant, there are many kinds - when you see one there are millions behind.

Some invade your home to tunnel through your beams causing severe damage if not eliminated, and some head for the kitchen to contaminate your food. Although most species are not harmful to humans, they all can cause distress and financial loss. Carpenter ants are the most destructive of all the species.

B is for bed bug a pest you don't want - they are tricky, nocturnal and hard to spot.

They are expert hiders and difficult to detect. You have to look for little blood spots on your sheets, black fecal spots on your mattress, or bites on your skin that resemble mosquito bites in order to know if you have them. Once you get them, it takes a professional to get rid of them for good.

C is for cockroach there are 3 different kinds - get year round pest control to gain peace of mind.

These little creepy crawlers are hard to spot unless you have a very advanced infestation. You can see them scamper at night when you first flick on the lights or find egg casings or 'droppings' that resemble mouse 'droppings' lying around. They frequent sewers, dumpsters, trash cans, and all places disgusting. They pick up germs there and bring these pathogens into your home with them. Cockroaches can not only spread disease but they are infamous for causing allergies and asthma in children.

Here at American Pest Northern Virginia we are experts on all things insect. We have been fighting the pest fight since 1925, and we are locally owned and operated - so we live and work where you do! With over 100 expertly-trained professionals on staff, we can respond quickly and eliminate your pests. Whenever you are dealing with an insect issue, we have the training and Eco-friendly products to combat that issue from A to Z.


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