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It's 2 a.m. You had to get up for an unscheduled bathroom visit, but you're back in your bed and tucked under you nice, warm covers. Then, you hear them. Soft thumps in the wall behind the baseboard. Scratches too. Has this ever happened to you? Mice thumping and scratching in your walls is the worst, isn't it? Actually…it isn't. It isn't even close to the worst. Mice are known to spread harmful bacteria and some pretty unpleasant diseases. For the record, getting hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome from droppings or urine on your dishes from your cabinets--that's the worst. It has the word hemorrhage in it, so you know it is really bad. The CDC connects mice to this, and several other diseases, like Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, lassa fever, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, the bubonic plague, and more. If you're hearing mice in your walls, that is a good thing. Those sounds are a warning.


It is important to identify what pest is getting into your home, so you are better able to assess the threat. But, it isn't necessary to determine whether or not you have a house mouse, deer mouse, or white-footed mouse. All three of these mice can infiltrate homes and barns here in Virginia, and all three can carry disease and harmful bacteria. Knowing which species you have isn't going to help you much. The threat is the same for each and the techniques for resisting them are the same.

How do I get mice out of my Virginia home?

The best way to get mice out of a home is by trapping and baiting. But before you run to the store and get yourself a bag full of traps, here are a few things you should understand about trapping a mouse.

  • Improper setting of traps does not catch mice. Traps must be put in places where mice will be traveling or foraging.

  • Catching and disposing of mice is an unsavory task with no rewards. Even if you catch mice every single morning, you never know if you got them all.

  • Catching mice does not stop mice from getting into your home. Entry points must be located and sealed. This is a job only a professional can do properly. An experienced and trained pest technician knows that entry points can be as small as a dime in diameter, and they know where these holes are likely to be. They also know that it is a bad idea to trap a mouse in your home, so they will make sure your home is free of mice before they seal things up.

The best way to protect your Virginia home from mice is to not get mice in the first place. If you have year-round pest control from a certified pest controller, like American Pest, your home will be sealed to keep mice, and a host of other harmful pests, out. Give us a call and learn more about our Preferred Care plans, and start protecting your home today.


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