The Importance Of Pest Control In The Winter


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Every single winter, without exception, we spend more time inside. Sure, you might go cross country skiing, sledding with the kids, or ice skating at a nearby park, but home is where the warmth is, and that is where you'll spend the large majority of your time. But, being inside a house, with little or no fresh air, comes with some inherent issues.

You're not the only one who wants to get in out of the cold; bugs and rodents want to, as well. If your home is unprotected, they'll get into your wall voids, your attic crawl spaces, and even your heating ducts. This isn't too much of a problem with ants or centipedes, but roaches and rodents have the potential to make your winter a season of non stop illness. I remember one winter where I had a chest cold that would not go away. It lasted so long, I couldn't remember not having it. At the time, I thought it was just the cold weather that kept me from getting better. But, looking back, I remember that this was one of the years we had mice in our house. I never even thought to put the two things together. In my mind, mice were field creatures, not dumpster divers, like rats. But, as it turns out, mice aren't much cleaner than rats.

Rodents and cockroaches all have the potential to carry disease and bacteria in their bellies. When they crawl on your silverware, slide over your dishes, and get into your food, they spread those invisible bugs to you and your family. If they get into your air ducts, the bacteria in their urine and feces can go airborne--infecting everyone in the house. In the city, families battle with asthma all year round, but especially in winter, because roaches are not only bacteria and disease spreaders, the floating debris from their feces or decomposing bodies, creates an allergic asthmatic response in many people. If you're battling with asthma in your home, it could be roach related.

If you want a healthy family, professional pest control is a year round service you can't live without. Pest management companies don't just exterminate bugs, they help families seal their home with modern exclusion methods, modify structures, and use limited and focused pesticides to protect exterior walls from entry. They advise on what practices keep pests away, and they cleanse and disinfect areas that have been contaminated.

If you or your family is battling with illness, it may just be the flu--or even the common cold--after all, it's common, right? But if it is bug or rodent related, you could be in for some long, hard months. Keep yourself protected, and stay informed this winter. You don't have to live with pest related illness. Get proactive today.


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