The Keys To A Pest Free Summer Picnic



Sunny skies, warm weather, friends and family...It is summertime and this means cookouts, picnics and fun to be had by all. Planning a picnic can be lots of fun, but the bug factor, not so much. Here are some helpful tips on having a picnic without those uninvited guests like ants, mosquitoes and even stinging insects.


  • Choosing the right location can go a long way in fighting the bug battles. It is often best to picnic in well maintained areas such as parks and designated picnic spots.

  • Be sure to pick a spot that is clean of food and debris from anyone else.

  • You will want to choose a location that is away from standing water. This will help in steering clear of mosquitoes.

  • If there are a lot of flowers, you may also find stinging insects present.

  • You will want to be near enough to a trash can to get rid of your own trash but not so close as to attract the flies and bugs that will be at the trash can.


  • Mosquitoes are more active at dawn and dusk. So the best time of day for avoiding them is midday to late afternoon before the sun begins to set.


  • If you are picnicking in a grassy or wooded area, you need to be on the lookout for ticks in addition to the common picnic pests like ants, mosquitoes and stinging insects.

  • After you have the perfect place, keep your food covered until it is time to eat. This will help limit the smells that the insects will be drawn to.

  • Use cups with lids or bottles with twist off caps so that sweet sugary drinks and juice aren’t spilled or left open to attract wasps and ants.

  • You should always try to bring along a bug spray to help repel mosquitoes and other flying critters, even ticks.

A few other helpful tips

  • Wearing long sleeves and long pants can to help minimize bites.

  • When picnicking, avoid wearing scented perfumes and lotions, these smells can also attract stinging insects and ants to you.

  • Picnic tables are the best because they create a raised eating surface.

  • If you are planning a day of it, you may want to use a portable shelter. This can create a great place for shade and help keep and flying pests away from your food area.

  • Portable fans also help keep bugs away from the food area. Most flying bugs prefer no breeze and a fan can keep your picnic stirred up a just enough to keep bugs at bay. A fan can also give you a place to cool down from playing in the sun. Just make sure your portable fan has enough batteries to get you through the picnic!

Getting out and enjoying family and friends at a cookout or picnic is one of the greatest parts of the summer. With a little planning ahead and the list of tips above, you can avoid the common summer pests that are trying to crash your picnic and focus on the more important things like your family and friends.


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