The Return Of Mice & Rats [Poem]


Mice    Rats   

It is coming again

That time I hate most

It happens each year

West to East coast

The rodents will chew

A hole through my wall

To hide during winter

Just after the fall

They will eat of my food

And leave me a treat

A bacteria worse

Then two dirty feet

It crawls in their gut

And deep in their fur

It's a matter of time

Till ills will occur

My daughter will cry

That her belly feels sore

And my son will complain

He can't take any more

Please let us stay home

Don't make us go out

And they'll grip on their bellies

And give me a pout

All thanks to the rodents

Who don't think it's enough

To chew on my wires

On wood things and stuff

The droppings they leave

In my food cabinets

Give me vomiting, gut pains,

Neck aches and sweats

So I say to you mice

Get out of my food

Leave me alone

Or you'll be pursued

Till every nook

And every space

Is purged of your presence

Here in this place

A trap will not get

You out of my wood

I'll have this house sealed

and you mice out for good

I'll call a professional

To teach me the art

Of using prevention

That's totally smart

I'll exclude all you mice

From my home with one call

And then I won't have

To worry next fall

I'll be done with you

Out with you

Once and for all

Then I won't

Have to hear you

Crawl through my wall

I will sleep safe and sound

Knowing for sure

That I won't have to deal

With mice anymore


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