The Rodents Of Summer


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Summer is for letting the top down, feeling the wind in your hair, and putting on your shades. Summer is for beach parties and finding the girl or boy of your dreams. Summer isn't--and never has been--about dealing with a rodent infestation. There is a reason Aerosmith didn't write a song call Rodents of Summer.

On the off chance you think there should be such a song, and that summer is better with a few furry mice and rats staying with you, here are our top 5 reasons rodents make terrible summer house guests.

  1. Rodents chew. No matter what rodent you have in your home, whether it is a mouse, a rat, a squirrel or some other kind, this is an animal that chews. They chew insulation, wood, sheet rock, paneling, and food packaging. This last one is especially frustrating. You're going to think twice about having rodents the first time you find a pile of sugar or cereal next to the container.

  2. Rodents leave things. Wild animals are just about the worst house guests you can have. Not only do they not clean up after themselves, they leave their waste wherever they feel like it. This fact alone should be enough for you to not want them running around your home, but what's worse is their waste can have disease in it. The CDC directly connects mice and rodents to the spread of several human pathogens. Um. No thanks, rodents!

  3. Rodents bring things. Rodents are cute little furry things. Who wouldn't want them in their house? They might be cute and furry, but the parasites they carry in their fur aren't. Have you ever wondered how a lice outbreak begins? Often, it is a wildlife infestation that brings this bug into the house. You may be thinking, "Yeah. But I don't cuddle with those rodents. How am I going to get lice, fleas or mites?" As the animal travels around the home looking for food, rubbing its fur on items in the house, it spreads the parasitical bugs to your furniture, bedding and clothing. If you just said, "Gross!" You're right.

  4. Rodents carry things. These creatures may not have pockets, but that doesn't keep them from carrying things from one place to another. Can you imagine grabbing something from your garbage and rubbing it on your counters before you make a meal? Rodents get into your trash and other nasty things, and then scurry across the counters--or worse--they get directly into your food. This causes harmful bacteria to be in places you wouldn't think of. Probably not something you want happening in your home, unless you like the flu-like symptoms.

  5. Those hot summer days. When it heats up in your attic, all that rodent waste is going to heat up too, and that is going to generate a smell.

If you have rodents or you want to be sure to keep them out, give us a call. There are many dangers in dealing with these creatures: exposure to waste, the transfer of bacteria, rabies transmission and more. We'll safely take care of those Rodents of Summer, so you can get back to enjoying all the other things summer is actually for.


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