The True Story of Ants vs Termites


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I love flying termites. Said no one, ever.

It’s not at all uncommon during spring to find a mystifying flying-insect crisis on your hands. For many homeowners in Maryland, this phenomenon is as ugly as it is upsetting. No home or business owner ever wants to face a termite problem. And, for most, telling the difference between an ant and a termite (let alone know what to do about it) is an undertaking in itself.

Learn how to identify the distinct differences between flying ants and swarming termites from the entomologists at American Pest.

American Pest Flying Ant vs Flying Termite


Swarming termites have two pair of wings of equal size.
When comparing termites to ants, termites rule in the wing-size department. Both sets of a termite’s wings are the same length. Don’t tell the ants – you’ll give them a complex.

Ants have a skinny waist.
Our entomologists won’t comment as to whether or not ants ascribe to the same set of New Year resolutions on diet and exercise as us human-folk. But as it turns out, all ants have a pinched waist that separates the abdomen (stomach area) from the thorax (body). Don’t we all wish we could have an antlike waist?

Piles of termite wings.
You heard us right. Termite wings for days. If you’re not lucky enough to be at home during a termite swarm, not to worry, you may still get the chance to uncover one of the few tell-tale signs. Swarming termites will rip off their wings (those that don’t, they simply fall off) in order to get closer to a mate. This evidence is often left behind as a pile of discarded wings—typically near to where the swarm takes place. This could be inside your foyer, near a baseboard, or in the basement (and other spaces).

Termites have straight antennae.
You might need to get your hands on a magnifying glass or reading lens to observe the antennae on a termite. But when you do, you will clearly see that they are straight. An ant, on the other hand, has elbowed or bent antennae.

So now that you’ve learned the difference between ants and termites, why not skill up on what to do in the event of a termite swarm. And by all means, feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. Our knowledgeable team of entomologists an termite control professionals can walk you through steps to control termites in your Maryland, Washington D.C., or Virginia home or business.


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