The Truth Behind 4 Popular Mosquito Myths


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From obnoxious buzzing to itchy red bites, to say that mosquitoes are a major pain is an understatement. There are many different methods to getting rid of mosquitoes, but do you know the truth behind each of them? Many methods have little to no effect on mosquitoes. Learn more about what does and doesn’t work.


Method 1: “Keep a fan on around where you are. It only takes a small breeze to keep mosquitoes away!”

While it’s true that a breeze can keep mosquitoes away, you would likely need many fans going at a very high to effectively repel mosquitoes from an area. This method might be fine if you’re sitting outside by yourself, but it’ll be more difficult to keep a conversation going over the noise of the fans running.

Method 2: “Plant some lemon grass; it contains citronella oil, which repels mosquitoes naturally.”

Citronella oil is a natural deterrent to mosquitoes, but you’d need to plant a field of lemon grass surrounding your home to see a significant reduction in the number of mosquitoes nearby.  If you’re lucky enough to have a home with lemon grass nearby, great! Otherwise, you might want to spend your landscaping budget on some nice flowers for your garden.

Method 3: “Dress the part. Mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors, so avoid wearing dark clothing. Also, avoid wearing scented lotions and perfumes.”  

It is certainly true that mosquitoes will be more likely to land on you over your friend if you’re wearing a splash of that delightful new perfume you just bought or if you just lathered your hands up with that delicious vanilla-scented hand lotion. Not using these things doesn’t guarantee that mosquitoes will avoid you, but it will certainly help. Mosquitoes, however, aren’t fashionistas, and they couldn’t really care less about what color your clothes are. If you want to dress the part to avoid mosquito bites, make sure that you wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. The more you cover up, the less area they’ll have to land on you and have a snack.

Method 4: Opt for LED lights. Yellow ‘bug lights’ or sodium lamps reduce the number of mosquitoes swarming around your house.”

There have been few studies on the effectiveness of certain types of lights or bug zappers on mosquitoes. Mosquitoes, however, will be continually attracted to humans. While these lights might deter mosquitoes, it’s only marginally. They are much more likely to attract and kill other insects that could be beneficial. In other words, pocket your cash and save the money.

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