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No one wants to have to mess with pests this summer season. The unfortunate truth is that we all have to deal with them in one way or another. When the weather warms up we like to venture outside and enjoy the great outdoors. When it comes to dealing with pests like ticks, it’s something we should all be educated about. These small arachnids like hide out in grassy areas waiting to latch on their next host for a meal. They attach to dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, deer, humans and just about any wild life that passes them by.

If you or your pet is bitten by a tick it is important to remove the tick slowly and with caution. There are special tick removing devices you can purchase at your local pet supplies store that work well. You can also use tweezers if needed. Make sure your thoroughly clean the bite after removing the tick.

Tick bites can be dangerous to humans and pets. Ticks are known for carrying and transmitting Lyme disease. Not all tick bites will give you Lyme disease; only ticks that have Lyme disease can transmit it. The symptoms related to Lyme disease are headache, fever, fatigue and a red ring around the bite mark. These symptoms may take a few days to show up. If you have been bitten by a tick and are unsure about Lyme disease it is best to see a doctor as soon as possible. The sooner Lyme disease is treated the better the results will be.

Here are some tips to help you try to prevent tick bites.

  • When going outside wear log sleeve shirts and pants. This will work as a barrier between you and the ticks.

  • Wear bug spray. Bug spray with DEET is the strongest for repelling pests like ticks and mosquitoes.

  • When you are hiking make sure to stick to the path. Going into taller grass or bushy areas may attract ticks to you.

  • When you return inside make sure to check your clothing and pets for ticks. Brush any ticks off of you or your clothing and get rid of them promptly.

If you have any questions about tick control on your property than give the experts here at American Pest a call and we can assist you in the fight against ticks this year.



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