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"Why would anyone want to get rid of slimy bugs?" said no one, ever. Let's be honest. Silverfish are gross. Whether you're seeing one every once in awhile, or you're finding them in your hair when you wake up, sitting on your toothbrush when you get ready for the day, or in startling places when you turn lights on in your home, these are definitely a bothersome pest. So, how can you avoid having silverfish in your home? There are really only two ways to avoid silverfish. Here's what you need to know.

How To Stop A Silverfish Infestation


Remove Moisture

When you find silverfish in your home, it is usually because you have holes that have developed because of water damage--not always, but usually. This is because silverfish are a moisture pest.  Therefore, addressing moisture issues and sealing those holes will go a long way to stopping your silverfish problem.

It is never good for water to run down your walls or pool next to your home. That is why we have gutter systems. Water needs to be channeled away. If your gutter system isn't sending the water away from your foundation, this needs to be addressed. And, if you're getting pools of water for other reasons, those should be addressed as well. Less water equals fewer silverfish.

Remove Entry Points

Every home has holes. But not every home that has holes has silverfish.If the foundation around your home is clear of weeds and mostly dry, you'll have fewer silverfish up next to your foundation walls. When you have fewer silverfish near your walls, you have fewer silverfish looking for a way to get in.

Once water issues are dealt with, it is time to seal things up. Do a detailed inspection of your exterior walls and seal any holes you find. Remember that silverfish are tiny insects. You'll need to pay close attention to the seal around windows, pipes, utilities, and vents. If you don't have the money to fix things properly, use a caulking gun for a temporary fix.

You can also avoid having silverfish by making the interior spaces of your home less humid. Fans and dehumidifiers will make things very uncomfortable for these pests.

Still Having Issues?

The above suggestions are not always easy to implement. Every home is different, and every home presents different challenges. You may have shaded areas that prevent rainwater from drying up quickly after it rains. You may have moisture or wetness issues because of other reasons. And, sealing tiny holes is often problematic. That is why many homeowners seek the assistance of a professional pest control company like American Pest. One of our educated and certified pest professionals will create conditions in your yard and on your property that will directly address pest pressures, so fewer Silverfish are able to find tiny holes in your defenses. Contact us today to get your pest control plan in place.


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