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Fall is a great time to enjoy your backyard. Isn't it? The cooler temperatures make hanging out around a fire pit much cozier. The leaves are all turning yellow, orange, and red. And backyard games that require you to run around are going to be a lot nicer when you're not sweating in the midday sun. But this is the time of year when ticks become more of a problem. Some even refer to fall as tick season. They could be right. It is definitely true of the black-legged tick, which is linked to Lyme disease. As we leave summer behind, you're likely to see more black-legged ticks because the adult stage of these ticks become active in fall. Here are some ideas that can help you avoid ticks this fall.

Tip 1: Keep wildlife out of your yard

Didn't know that wildlife can bring ticks into your yard? Yup. Those squirrels and chipmunks may be cute, but they usually have ticks on them. It might be fun to have a raccoon sighting or to see a fluffy woodchuck run across your yard, but they could be dropping tick eggs in your yard without you even knowing it. Even birds can bring ticks into your yard. Every step you take to reduce wildlife in your yard will help to reduce ticks. And the biggest way to reduce wildlife is to reduce food options. Make sure all vegetables and fruit are protected with fencing that goes at least 1 foot under the ground and keep all your trash in sealed containers.

Tip 2: Keep animals out of your home

A single mouse can have as many as 100 ticks on it. That's why researchers have found a direct correlation between mice populations and Lyme disease cases. Do a close inspection of your exterior walls and foundation and seal any potential entry points you find. It also helps to make a 2-foot zone around your foundation that is free of trees, shrubs, and debris. This is because rodents like secluded locations that offer them protection. Your job should be to make your perimeter feel less safe.

Tip 3: Reduce ticks in your yard

The best protection is to get professional mosquito and tick control for your yard. Effectively controlling ticks requires a comprehensive approach that not only targets ticks and tick eggs but also addresses other pest pressures that influence tick populations in your yard.

If you live in the D.C. area, Maryland, or Northern Virginia, reach out to American Pest. We offer tick mitigation service, rodent exclusion service, and comprehensive pest plans that deal with the complex network of pests in your home and yard, so that you can enjoy them to a full extent this fall, and every other season of the year.


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