Four Easy Ways to Pack Your Summer Clothes Away from Winter Pests!


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DC Metro residents have experienced a relatively warm autumn so far, but temperatures in the past few weeks suggest that it is quickly becoming too frigid for the polka-dot bikinis and Hawaiian shirts that traditionally gain popularity during our summer months. This means that it’s time for the annual tradition of packing away your fun summer and spring clothes and unpacking the bulky mittens, ski caps and winter coats.

The pest control experts at American Pest, a longtime Maryland pest control company, advise proceeding with caution with this seasonal ritual, or else residents of Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia will pull their favorite summer looks out of storage next May to find that their commemorative t-shirt from their favorite rock band group now has several holes in it, thanks to a host of indoor pests!

This unique group of insects that specialize in the mass destruction of furs and clothing made from cotton or wool everywhere includes casemaking clothes moths, carpet beetles and silverfish. This irreversible damage to your favorite summer items can be avoided, if you pack your clothes heeding the quick & easy advice available from your knowledgeable pest management professional friends at American Pest.

  • Practice proactive pest control year-round by regularly vacuuming carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture regularly to eliminate eggs & larvae BEFORE they cause damage. Pet owners should focus their cleaning efforts on areas of the home where pet hairs tend to collect to reduce a significant food source for insect larvae.
  • Before packing, properly launder ALL clothing items before storing them to remove organic debris and oils that attract pests to feed on them. If a garment is difficult to clean, or you think it may have moth eggs or larvae, try freezing the item in a plastic bag for at least 24 hours.
  • To save on your dry cleaning bill, try brushing your winter coats vigorously with a clean brush to remove eggs that may have been deposited.
  • Choose clear storage tubs and cool storage areas. Be sure to clean these areas thoroughly BEFORE packing clothes away, especially closets & drawers. Vacuum floors, walls and shelves to eliminate spider webs, dust or suspicious insect eggs or larvae.  

DIY products like moth balls are available to control these pests, but many of them possess high toxicity levels and pose a significant risk to your home’s residents should they be applied incorrectly. Be sure to consult a pest management professional and follow all label instructions very carefully before use.

If you live in Washington D.C., Maryland, including Bethesda or throughout Northern Virginia and are concerned about eliminating or preventing cloth-infesting insects, American Pest has a team of local pest control experts ready to help. For more information on insects that can damage your clothing and fabrics or our pest control services, please contact our Maryland exterminators today. You can also find us on Facebook & Twitter!


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