To Squish or Not To Squish, That Is The Question


Stink Bugs   

Stink bugs are a major issue in the DC region, and unfortunately there is not one sure-fire way to completely stink bug proof your home or business. While that is indeed bad news, there are plenty of things that can be done to keep the invasive insects from being quite so much of a headache.

What is the best way to get rid of stink bugs?

Vacuum! Rather than squishing stink bugs that have invaded your home and releasing their odor, vacuuming them up will get them off the ceiling without causing a stink. Since stink bugs often invade in large numbers like we saw in 2010, vacuuming may be the fastest way to get them out of your house as well. Just make sure when you empty the vacuum canister or bag to do so in such a way that the bugs don’t just crawl out of your trash can!

Where do all these stink bugs go in the winter?

Stink bugs find a warm place to try and live through the winter. Because of this, they will often be found wedged between boards or firewood, and when they manage to wiggle their ways indoors they can be a real nuisance. They are technically an agricultural pest, and can cause devastation to crops both on large scale operations as well as backyard gardens. But if allowed, they will squeeze there way inside a home at every opportunity, especially in the cold.

What does a stink bug taste like and why won’t my dog eat them like Cicadas?

While we’ve eaten crickets and meal worms here in the office, we haven’t quite gotten around to munching on stink bugs. As a best guess though? Dogs’ noses are incredible, ours sniff out bed bugs when they are so small that it would otherwise be like looking for a sewing needle in a whole hayfield. If they can smell even a little of the odor that is excreted when stink bugs are squished, we can’t blame them for not eating them. Cicadas are generally bigger than stink bugs and uncoordinated so they probably make for a fun “toy.”

Is there any way to proactively prevent stink bugs from infiltrating our house this summer?

At American Pest, our whole philosophy of Integrated Pest Management is based on the idea of proactive pest control. Our services have three main goals, seal entry points from pests, find the source of the pests, and remove their food source. Doing one or all of these practices make our services more than just spraying for ants in the kitchen, though we have the licenses and capabilities to do that as well. But our service is designed to be a long term solution that can be improved upon over time.
As a do-it-yourself method, sealing obvious holes in foundations, roofs, siding, windows and basements are a good first step to keeping stink bugs and other pests outside. Stink bugs eat plants and insects so keeping their favorites, mostly more fragrant vegetable plants, away from your house will draw the bugs elsewhere.


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