True Cost Of Termite Infestations In Maryland


termite crawling on wood

Are you familiar with the term sleight of hand? It is when a magician gets you to look at one hand, while his other is busy making the trick happen. When done by an expert, sleight of hand can leave an audience astounded. Termites perform a little sleight of hand of their own. If you're not looking at the problem properly, it is like looking at the wrong hand of a magician.

We're sure you know that termites can damage the wood of Maryland homes. It is common knowledge that subterranean termites are a serious threat here. When considering this threat, your mind probably goes right to the damage they can do and questions quickly arise, the biggest question being: "How much damage can termites really do?" While this is an important question to ask, it is like looking at the wrong hand of a magician. If you focus on the damage, you may miss the bigger picture.

When you only consider the damage termites can do to the wood of your home, you may be willing to take the risk of not investing in termite protection. You may think it will be fine to keep a watchful eye out for signs of termite activity and pay to have termite damage fixed if your home is ever damaged. After all, it's just a home, right? But the true cost of termite damage isn't what they do to your home, it is what they do to your finances. When these insects get into your home, they can secretly feed on it for years. So, while you're investing in your equity, they can be stealing from your equity. This can impact your retirement in ways you can't imagine. But this is a risk many homeowners take. They wouldn't take the same risk with their health care. So why do they take the risk with termite damage? It is because they are looking at the wrong hand of the magician.

Every homeowner in Maryland should be aware of a few facts about subterranean termites:

  • These insects are incredibly sneaky and the signs they leave are often left in dark, secluded locations. When termite damage is found, it is often found after these insects have had years to do damage.
  • Termites cost U.S. property owners over $5 billion every year.
  • The most destructive type of termite in the United States is the subterranean termite. This is the type of termite we battle in our Maryland service area.
  • Subterranean termites can completely total a home and turn it into a money pit that cannot be fixed.
  • Termites have the capacity to wipe out the savings of a couple and put a significant strain on them at retirement.

Your home is an investment in your future. If you allow subterranean termites to damage it, you could find yourself in a very difficult situation. An investment in termite protection is similar to investing in health coverage. As you age, you know you're going to have more health problems and some of those problems could be larger than your finances can bear. The same is true of your home. As your home ages, it will need repairs, such as a new roof or a replacement water heater. There are many maintenance costs that can take you by surprise but none of those costs will render your home unlivable if you're able to deal with them financially. Termite damage is different. Even if you have the money in your savings to repair the damage caused by termites, it may be unrepairable. Do you see the problem?

The true cost of termites in Maryland is the financial hardship that can result from a termite infestation. You've probably taken many precautions to prevent unexpected financial burdens, such as home insurance, health insurance, and car insurance. Consider making termite insurance a priority. We can't tell you how much damage subterranean termites will do to your home but we can tell you that it isn't worth it to allow them to do it. The better course of action is to protect your investment for your retirement and for the legacy you will leave to your kids.

If you would like assistance with implementing a termite control plan to effectively protect your home from the threat of subterranean termites, we're here to help. The termite control professionals at American Pest are the best service people in the business. Get started today by requesting a free estimate.


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