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Spring is here! The birds are singing in the trees, the days are finally warming up and we’ve been seeing flowers blooming all over the place! Hooray! It felt like this past winter might never end, but now that spring is here, we’ve all got to get our heads out of the clouds and come back to earth again. Our apologies, but it is our job as a pest control company to remind you that with spring come a multitude of pests to worry about. Actually, if you have chosen our home pest control services to keep your home or business pest free, you don’t have to worry about pests at all! But if you’ve still not joined the ranks of our many happy Preferred Care customers, it would be wise to be aware that spring pests have already started to arrive and many more pests are soon to follow.

What is one of the pests that you are soon to be seeing? It’s the wasp! The paper wasp, the yellow jacket and the mud dauber are just a few of the wasps that may be visiting your property this spring and summer. So, we thought now would be a good time to give a little refresher course on how to prevent attracting stinging insects. Here are some helpful wasp prevention tips from the MD pest control professionals at American Pest.

  • Wasps and other stinging insects are attracted to flowers and plants. If you limit the number of flowers and plants on your property, you can help prevent stinging insects from finding your property attractive.

  • Limit possible nesting places. Wasps will often nest in voids such as vents, attics and crawlspaces. Making sure these areas are blocked up can limit places wasps may find suitable nesting locations.

  • Keep tight fitting lids on trash cans so that wasps aren't able to access any rotting food that may be in there.

  • Have a preventative treatment done to deter wasps and other stinging insects from nesting on your property.

  • While spending time outdoors, don’t wear floral smelling perfumes or lotions. You should also avoid wearing bright colors outdoors. These tips can help prevent attracting wasps directly to your person.

Following these tips can be useful, but they are definitely not on the level of the professional preventative services provided by the pros at American Pest. Unfortunately, with wasps, there is really no DIY pest control option. These pests are known for becoming aggressive if they feel threatened, so to avoid many painful stings, it is best to leave the wasp control to the professionals!

At American Pest, we can offer a lot more than wasp control. We provide prevention treatments and services to help eliminate many different kinds of household insects and rodents so that your home stays free from ants, roaches, flies, mice, rats and other pests throughout every season. For more information on the Preferred Care programs provided by American Pest, please contact us today!




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