Weekend Warm Up



COLUMBIA—Reports point to a weekend warm up in the region beginning Friday evening with temperatures reaching as high as 70 degrees on Sunday.

While this short heat wave probably won’t have much effect on the behavior of insect pests, some overwintering bugs may get a little confused. Namely, stink bugs.

Stink bugs overwinter in a variety of places including attics, basements, and nearly any other warm place they can find. They aren’t shy when it comes to invading homes to stay safe for the winter as we remember from the stink bug invasion of 2010. This year could potentially have a stink bug invasion of similar proportions, though no one knows for sure what the spring will bring.

If you happen to see a few stink bugs come out in this weekend’s warmth, don’t fret. Remember where you saw them, vacuum them up, and give us a call on Monday morning if things don’t go back to normal. Stink bugs release an odor when squished, so vacuuming is your best bet to get rid of them. Read below for some American Pest resources for stink bug control and information:

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And finally, part four of our review of the Rescue Stink Bug Trap. You can find parts one through three on our Youtube channel, AmericanPest1925.


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