West Nile Confirmed In Maryland is Serious Business



Mosquitoes have tested positive for carrying the West Nile virus in Maryland. The virus was detected in the city of Bowie in the county of Prince George. Officials were not surprised to find the positive results. This time of summer is a common time to get these positive results. Not all mosquitoes carry West Nile virus and only infected mosquitoes can transfer the virus.


Most people who have West Nile virus do not realize that they have it. They don't develop any symptoms and it goes away on its own. However one out of five people will develop a fever with headache, body aches, joint pain, diarrhea, vomiting and/or rash. Most people recover from this on their own and may have fatigue lasting a few months. Less than 1% of people infected with the West Nile virus develop a severe neurological reaction causing encephalitis or meningitis. A severe reaction could cause a coma or seizures.


Maryland’s Secretary of Agriculture suggests that residents take certain precautions against mosquito bites:

  • Wear long sleeve shirts and pants to protect your skin from being their landing zone.
  • When outside use a bug repellant with DEET in it.
  • Stay away from mosquito infested areas where there is a lot of stagnant water.
  • Stay inside during dawn and dusk hours when mosquitoes are most active.

Though mosquitoes are nearly impossible to avoid there are things you can do to reduce their population on your property. The number one way to reduce the population is to remove any stagnant water and regularly change out water from bird baths and kiddie pools.


At American Pest we offer a comprehensive mosquito control program. Our Mosquito Guard program is designed to protect your property from May to October. Our highly trained team will visit your property every three to four weeks to give it a treatment. This application schedule will also help reduce vector borne diseases by 92% on your property.


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