What Are The Signs Of Termites In My Home?



Termites have been nicknamed the ‘silent destroyers’. They can get inside your home and cause you thousands of dollars in structural damages, sometimes before you even realize that they are there. They will cause Americans over an estimated 5 million dollars in damages this year. So, how can you be sure that you aren’t one of these Americans falling prey to termites? Well, first, let us take a look at what kind of insect we are dealing with here!

Eastern Subterranean Termites are small insects that live in huge social colonies. These colonies can have thousands of termites living in them. They live in the ground and are in a constant search for food. They eat cellulose material that is found in dead plant debris, fallen trees and other wood sources. You can sometimes find them when you disturb the mulch around your home. They are drawn to moist environments. Their colonies are considered ‘mobile colonies’. Termites will also often live in their food source, making it extremely difficult to know that they are present.

They enter your home through small holes or cracks in the foundation. Once they are in, their search for food begins. The will tunnel through non-cellulose material to get to cellulose. Some signs of termites that you may have, and that require IMMEDIATE attention are:

  • sagging or warped floors and doors

  • swarming termites (A termite swarm is when the mature winged termites will move from a nesting place to another nesting place in the hopes of making their own new nest)

  • holes in wood

  • clear discarded termite shells from molting

These silent destroyers can be difficult to control. While the best way to prevent a termite problem is with a professional pest control company, like American Pest Control, you can do a few things to help lessen your risk of termite exposure by following these tips:

  • Complete removal of all root systems and stumps of trees and shrubs.

  • Rake, remove and replace mulch annual. Mulch gets very moist making it an attraction to termites

  • Keep all shrubbery branches and tree branches up off the ground. Termites live just below the surface of the soil and will destroy any branch that is touching the ground.

  • Keep all wood piles and wood structures at least 15 feet from your home

  • Maintain all gutter and water drainage systems to work properly. Keep water moving off from your property. Do not allow any standing water.

If you think you may have a termite problem in your home you should call a professional immediately. While there are some retail products available for “do-it-yourself” termite cessation, these are typically aimed at a small area of infestation and often will not stop the whole colony, which will not stop the damage. In addition, they won’t help to prevent further termite issues. Homeowners here in Maryland know how to get rid of termites; the best and most complete termite prevention is found with the highly trained pest control professionals at American Pest! For effective termite control we utilize a colony elimination system from Sentricon®, and Altriset®. These systems will eliminate the termites that you have, and monitor for future termite issues. Termites in Maryland are no joking matter! Give us a call today and ensure that your home does not become damaged or taken out by these silent destroyers.



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