What's Swarming Around Your MD Home?


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It’s that time of the year when flying, and swarming insects in Maryland start to reappear. And while these pests interfere with our fun in the sun, they are also very tricky to identify. It’s easy to put anything that flies by into the category of “gross flying bugs” however, by failing to recognize certain species of pests you could be setting yourself up for disaster later on. What sort of disaster you ask? Well the most common is shrugging off swarming termites as flying ants.

Flying ants don’t seem to pose much of a problem unless they are carpenter ants of course. But for the most part ants are simply after some tasty treats from the kitchen and they are not going to harm you or your home. Termites on the other hand are a more serious issue when they have decided to settle into your home. These wood destroying pests are the result of billions of dollars in structural damages each year and that is not something you want to be a part of!

Most of the swarms that you witness are the reproductive insects attempting to find a mate and form a new colony. Although these insects are not capable of any structural damage, they are a sign that you have a termite or ant colony nearby. So here’s the basics on identifying the flying insects on your Maryland property. Swarming termites and flying ants are actually quite different when looked at closely:

Swarming termites

  • broad body

  • two sets of wings equal in length

  • smooth, beaded antennae

Flying ants

  • pinched waist with an hourglass shape

  • two sets of wings that are not equal in size

  • elbowed antennae

When it comes down to it, you don’t really want anything swarming on your property. So if you do happen to encounter any swarms or just a lot of flying insects in general, your best bet is to bring in the pest control pros to identify what is trying to take over.

American Pest provides termite and other pest control solutions to homes and businesses in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Our trusted home termite control services will ensure that any existing termites are gone and that future ones won’t have a chance. Please contact us today for more information on any pests that are bugging you this spring!


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