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The termite represents a serious pest, which can cause some significant issues. They are elusive and have the ability to invade a home or business for weeks, months, or sometimes even years before they are noticed. Termites feed on the wooden beams of homes and other buildings that if left untreated can cause the structural integrity of the building to be compromised and will cost many thousands of dollars to repair.

The best thing that any home or business owner can do for their peace of mind, structure of their home or business, and wallet is to partner with a pest control company that can provide them with sound termite protection services. Stopping a termite problem in its tracks or, even better, stopping it before it starts is the most effective way to deal with these destructive pests. But what should you look for when determining what type of termite protection is right for you and your property? Here are some aspects of a termite protection program that are a necessity:


A thorough termite inspection performed by a qualified professional termite inspector should most certainly be part of any termite protection program. An expert with a trained eye will be able to determine the presence of termite activity- even if it is in its very early stages.

Technology & Equipment

State of the art technology and equipment is an important part of a termite protection program. Use of the most modern technology and equipment creates a program that is as effective, non-evasive and environmentally friendly as possible. The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System is a good example of all these things. The Sentricon® System does not use liquid pesticides, requires no trenching or diggings, leaves behind no harmful or offensive odors, and is extremely effective.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring for new termite activity is crucial for the success of any termite protection and prevention program. Termites work year-round and your termite protection program should also. With continuous monitoring you can be sure that once the current infestation is taken care of that future problems with termites will not be an issue.


A good termite program should have a solid guarantee. A complete elimination guarantee ensures not only a termite free property, but your peace of mind!

All of those things and more can be found at American Pest. Here at American Pest our team of trained professionals have the knowledge, skills, and current technology needed to provide the most effective termite prevention services in the

Washington D.C. area. We are known for providing our customers with high quality, safe, and effective termite control services. With over 85 years of pest control experience you can be sure that any problems you are having with termite control or prevention can be well handled by our termite experts.

For more information about termite prevention and control in the Washington, D.C. area for your home or business, the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, or about our more traditional termite control service using Altriset®, contact us today! Start the New Year with with the best in termite protection from American Pest!



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