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In ancient times the use of a shield was so integrated in military tactics it was said by Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus that losing one's shield should be considered the basest of crimes. A crime? Yes. Because losing one's shield didn't just put the soldier in danger, it threatened the safety of everyone in his phalanx. The renowned Spartans were feared for their impressive use of shield maneuvers. Trained to fight from childhood, Spartan men were told by their mothers, "Come back with your shield or upon it."

Any military strategy begins with a good defense. Do you have your shield? In the war against pests it is good to have strong tactics like: don't leave food sources out, keep things dry, clean counters and floors regularly, and seal your walls from entry. But to fully protect your home from the harmful effects of pests, you're going to need more than this.

If a colony of ants gets established on your property those ant workers will be looking for food sources. It is good to seal pantry foods in hard plastic containers to prevent ants from smelling those items. It is good to keep your basement wall and exterior cracks sealed. These are good deterrents. After all, you don't want to provide those ants a "soft" target. But ants, termites, cockroaches, rodents, and a host of other insects can harm your home and your family as they search for food. You can't afford to have a hole in your defenses. That is why year round pest treatment is so important.

When you partner with a pest control company you get the benefit of their education, experience, and equipment. You also get routine inspections. Most pest companies will even do the hard job of filling in rotted holes in your exterior walls, or applying products that can seal cracks. A professional technician can show you where your home is vulnerable and what measures are available to arrest their activity. Bugs don't take a break and neither should your pest control efforts. Keep your shield up all year round.

If you live in Maryland or Northern Virginia, sign up for a Preferred Care plan through American Pest. With Preferred Care you can protect your home from 30+ common pests, reduce ticks, control mosquitoes, and eliminate termites before they can damage your home. If you live outside the coverage area of American Pest, find a pest control company that is highly rated on Angie's List and has a comprehensive year round service plan, and keep those pest out of your house, off your exterior walls, and out of your yard. That's the way you protect your house from pests. Don't get caught without your shield. Get protected and stay protected.


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