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Have you decided to go with a Preferred Care plan from American Pest? If you have, you've made the right choice. Pests can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and plague your family with illness. Having regular treatments and inspections is the best way to protect your family. With American Pest's Pest Free Pledge you have nothing to lose.

With American Pest, no matter which level of protection you chose, you'll always get courteous and professional service. Certified technicians will survey your home for pest activity and identify entry points. A treatment solution will be customized to address your pest issues. After each treatment, the outcome will be analyzed and corrective action will be taken to achieve the desired result. Then all findings will be reported back to you. This is a team effort; American Pest keeps you in the loop at every stage to insure your home stays pest free.

Preferred Care

The basic Preferred Care plan is anything but basic. It protects your home against over thirty common household pests through bi-monthly visits and ongoing treatments. American Pest has a team of certified technicians who employ modern Integrated Pest Management practices to exclude pests from your home. This is an eco-effective approach to pest control that uses limited pesticides and focuses on sealing entry points and deterring pests. With this package you'll also get rodent monitoring which will help you stop rodent infestations before they begin.

Preferred Care Plus

If you're worried about termites, mosquitoes or ticks, this is the plan for you. You get everything that is included in the Preferred Care plan, plus termite monitoring, mosquito control, and tick reduction. If you can't afford full termite protection, termite monitoring is a good place to start. If termites have started to infest your home, a technician will inform you. This won't keep the termites out, but you'll know if these silent homewreckers need to be dealt with. Preferred Care Plus also eliminates mosquito eggs in your lawn so they don't hatch when it rains. You'll really notice the difference. Plus we'll reduce the tick population in your yard which will help to protect your family from Lyme disease.

Preferred Care Complete Termite

With the Complete plan, you'll have all the benefits of the first two plans, plus round the clock protection against termites. If termites target your house, they will be eliminated almost immediately by the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. Those home-wrecking termites will be gone before they can do any damage.

With Preferred Care, your family will be healthier and your home will be safer. This means fewer sick days, fewer days lost from school, fewer repair bills, and no foreclosure do to insect damage. Ask any of the happy customers on Angie's List, you'll be glad you did.


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