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Homeowners all have one thing in common. Regardless of location, they all have to deal with household pests. Some pests are more prevalent in the spring and summer while other pests are known to move in during the fall and winter months. Some pests escape the cold and hibernate until spring while others, like pantry pests, continue being a pest throughout the year. Others, like termites and carpenter ants are more than a nuisance. They pose a risk to the structural integrity of the house.

American Pest has developed a longstanding tradition of excellence in providing homeowners and business owners with quality pest control solutions for more than 90 years. This locally owned and operated pest control company has the elite status of being one of the oldest premier companies throughout the Washington DC area with world-class training and integrated pest management practices. In addition to their Eco-friendly pest control services, American Pest has made available to their residential customers a choice of Preferred Care Plans.

There are many reasons why Preferred Care service plans are the ideal approach to pest management. Without a plan being implemented by professional services, homeowners will constantly be plagued by a plethora of household pests and will always be attempting the futile and ineffective efforts of do it yourself techniques.

American Pest offers three different Preferred Care plans to insure that your needs and budget can be met. Each plan offers comprehensive, environmentally friendly pest control solutions designed to protect your home, family and pets while resolving pest issues.

Preferred Care is designed to give you optimal protection from general pests. Each service is guaranteed with the Pest Free Pledge. This service is performed 6 times per year. If a pest situation arises between those scheduled visits, American Pest comes back at no additional charge. Preferred Care provides you year round protection against 30+ household pests. They will seal entry points and even monitor and control rodent problems.

In addition to providing everything in the Preferred Care, the Preferred Care Plus includes termite monitoring. This will give you peace of mind that any termite activity will be recognized and brought to the homeowner’s attention.

The Preferred Care Complete Termite Plan gives the homeowner all the unparalleled protection included in the Preferred Care. However, in addition to termite monitoring, the Preferred Care Complete plan includes Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. This plan provides all the home pest control solutions and active termite colony elimination in one complete package.

Each Preferred Care Plan is accomplished with certified technicians that are trained to survey and identify pest activity with the use of the S.T.A.R pest management. Utilizing this system of pest control will provide you with immediate pest protection and year round pest management. For complete pest control and peace of mind, contact American Pest today and choose the best Preferred Care Plan for your needs.


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