Which Summer Pests Are Dangerous?


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Summer is here and that means we’re dealing with a lot of insects we didn’t have to over the winter. Some of those bugs can pose some pretty serious threats to you, your family or your home, while others are really just annoying. Knowing the difference between the two can make a big difference in how you react should you see them on or around your home.


Carpenter ants are common to this area in the summer months. Carpenter ants do not usually bite so they are not dangerous to humans. They can, however, do damage to the structure of your home by tunneling through wood. Other ants are also swarming this time of year, most of which are just an annoyance. Just be sure not to confuse swarming ants with termites. Termites can also cause extensive damage to the structure of your home as they actually chew on wood. If you believe you have either of these wood destroying pests, you should contact a professional right away for an inspection and treatment.


Another nuisance bug you might encounter this summer are bed bugs. While they don’t increase in the summer months they tend to spread because of increased travel. These bugs do not pose any known risks to humans even though they feed on human blood and can leave itchy red bites. They are more of a nuisance and cause for unrest than anything else. Sometimes people mistake this pest for carpet beetles. While these bugs are not dangerous to humans, they can do a lot of damage to things inside your home and are a real pain damaging carpets and other fabric.


While insects such as ants and bed bugs are more annoying than dangerous, there are some that can pose more immediate threats to your health. Wasps and yellow jackets sting if they feel threatened. Not only can their sting be painful, it can also cause serious allergic reactions. Another insect that can pose some serious health risks are cockroaches. They can contaminate counter tops and food sources with parasites and diseases. Spiders, depending on the type, can be dangerous as well.


No matter what your pest problem is this summer, trusting a professional like American Pest to deal with it, can make this summer a lot more enjoyable for you. None of these insects are ones you should try to eliminate on your own. Not only can it be difficult, but some of the pesticides can be as dangerous as the pest infestation itself if they are not used properly. Click here to enjoy your pest free summer!



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