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The threat of a termite invasion remains “moderate” while termite populations are on the rise. Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC residents know that termites cause millions of dollars of damage to homes across the United States each year. Termite treatment and prevention can save you money, time and the huge headache of a costly home repair. But with varying treatment options available, taking quick and decisive action may be a task better left to the professionals at American Pest.

There are two main treatment options for termite protection: baiting systems and liquid barrier treatments. Both are effective in controlling termite populations but the unique situation of your home or business will determine which treatment is better for you.

Baiting vs. Barrier

The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination system is both a prevention system against termites and a treatment system against colonies already present on the property.

Small, sub-soil termite monitoring stations are strategically placed around the perimeter of the house and are routinely inspected by an American Pest professional. The stations are installed approximately 8-10 feet apart from one another, creating a defense perimeter for the ever-foraging termites. When termite activity is detected, the wooden monitoring device within the station housing is replaced with bait. Termite workers consume baiting material and by a process known as trophallaxis they will share it with the rest of the colony.  

Key Features:

  • Sentricon® termite monitoring systems are in place to detect termites 24/7

  • “Green” (No active ingredient until termite activity is found)

  • Stations are in the ground, out of the way, and accessed from the exterior of the home

  • Interior station designed to be installed onto wood joists, baseboards, or other wood surfaces

  • Little to no disruption to the homeowner

Liquid barrier treatments such as Termidor®, Altriset®, or Premise® are an effective option to treat termite activity already present on the property. Barrier treatments typically require the drilling and pumping of liquid termiticide deep into soil to create an impenetrable perimeter around the outside of a building. This treatment is ideal for residences that are surrounded by concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Less expensive than baiting treatments

  • Ideal for commercial buildings surrounded mostly by concrete or asphalt

  • Requires less frequent inspections than baiting systems

Which One Should You Choose?
The knowledgeable staff at American Pest is more than happy to discuss your specific situation to help you determine which treatment plan will work best for you. Contact us today to start protecting your biggest investment from the major damage termites can cause.




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