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There is a common misconception running wild among homeowners and renters. The myth is that bugs go away in the winter. They don’t. Just because you can’t see bugs doesn’t mean they aren’t there. While you were enjoying a warm winter indoors, so were they. The only way to control bugs is year-round pest control.

7 Reasons Why You Need Year-Round Pest Control

The main reasons why you need year-round pest control.

  1. Those bugs aren’t going anywhere. Pests in your home will begin to emerge from where they are hiding when the weather warms. While they may be venturing out to seek sunshine, they don’t have any plans to leave completely. Pests never leave your home on their own.

  2. They are a health concern for you and your family. Pests in your home spread disease and bacteria, as well as irritate respiratory illnesses.

  3. Year-round treatment is more economical than emergency treatment and eradication services. It is better and more cost effective to prevent instead of paying to treat. This allows you to prevent pests and control pest population sizes to avoid infestation.

  4. Annual pest control services expose you to fewer insecticides. Yes, it’s true. Small applications over time are better for your health than large applications to take care of infestations. Less is more when you are considering pest control; and for families, less is best.

  5. Pests damage your home, leaving you to incur costly expenses in the future. Small monthly treatment applications help you avoid structural damage to your home. Insects and pests can damage wood and siding, fray wires, and leave fecal matter and urine around your home.

  6. Your house will smell and look better. When bugs and rodents enter your home, they leave a trail that alerts the rest of the gang to the great place to stay. Unfortunately, that is your home. The pheromone released across your home causes an overwhelming smell. Roaches are especially guilty of such a stench. When you have year-round pest control, you avoid bugs and a rank smell in your home.

  7. You can sleep easy at night. While you sleep, pests are most active. They prefer to move around undisturbed. The ideal time is when the lights go out. Bugs crawl in your sheets, creep across your floors, and scatter around in the walls and cupboards. That bump you heard in the night isn’t the wind; it’s an infestation in the making.

When you have year-round pest control, you can be sure that pests won’t be a problem. You can sleep, stay healthy, and live without bugs and rodents for good. Call now to find out how American Pest can clear your home of pests and keep them out for good.


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