Why You Don't Want Cockroaches In Your House



Cockroaches spread bacteria, most notably the kind that causes food poisoning, and can aggravate allergies nearly as much as household dust can. In addition, their prolific breeding, skill at hiding, and difficulty to control make them a tough problem to tackle on your own.

Cockroaches eat, well, just about anything. That means that they’ll use their six legs to crawl over some pretty disgusting stuff to get to food. They also eat the disgusting stuff, which helps spread even more bacteria to your kitchen surfaces, refrigerator, cabinets, dishes, and pantry. Cockroaches will do this before moving on to the rest of the house in search of more food and a good place to reproduce.

Hide and Seek
For as gross as cockroaches are, they are incredible animals. They have been around for millions of years with little to no change in their basic body structure. Their bodies are capable of becoming so flat that they’re hard to squish, which is why we advocate the squish and twist method before calling us immediately.

If the facts aren’t evidence enough of how gross cockroaches are, please, enjoy these photos.  Let us know how many times you cringed while looking at those pictures on our facebook page!

As you can see, do-it-yourself sprays can often be ineffective in battling a cockroach infestation. This particularly brazen insect even thinks this can of over-the-counter pesticide is a nice place to rest.

When an infestation is bad enough, as is the case here, cockroaches don't really bother hiding too much. They crawl where they please and nest in a hidden corner to keep their young safe.



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