Why You Don't Want Rodents In Your House


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We aren’t talking guinea pigs and hamsters. While they may not be the most exciting variety, they can make for adorable household pets. Oh no, what we’re talking about are wild mice and rats. These vermin can carry infectious diseases, contaminate pantries full of food, and cause anxiety when one or more enters the home.

Disease Breakdown

Mice and rats have a history of carrying deadly diseases, from the Bubonic Plague spread by rats in Europe to the much more recent outbreak of Hantavirus in Yellowstone National Park that killed 9 people in 2012. Other diseases spread by rodents include Salmonella, Leptospirosis, and Rat-bite fever (RBF).

Humans can become infected by rodents by eating contaminated food, coming in contact with rodent excrement, or being bitten or scratched, among other means.

Basically, having these critters in your house means sweeping up an unpleasant amount of tiny poop at the very least.

We Can Help

Keeping your house tightly sealed and food kept closed and packed away is your best defense from rodents. American Pest has the expertise and professional materials to keep mice out as a part of Integrated Pest Management which aims to stop pests from entering your home in the first place. Winter is threatening to linger in our region for a few more months and that means rodents will be searching high and low for a warm place to spend it. We can help ensure they don’t choose your home or business.


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