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Bed bugs   

We've all heard the horror stories. A family arrives at their beachside accommodations with big plans for some fun in the sun, only to wake up with red, rashy welts on their skin. All of the money and energy spent to make a great vacation is quickly lost; but this is only the beginning of the story. That same family probably goes home with bed bugs in their luggage or in their clothing, only to face another bed bug nightmare a few months later--inside their home. It is no wonder more and more people are asking the question, "How do I keep from bringing bed bugs home from vacation?" Here are some quick tips that will not only keep you from bringing these bugs home; they could save your vacation as well.

Be Aware

Understand that bed bugs aren't just found in the room you'll be staying in. You could pick them up on the airplane, in a taxi from the airport to your hotel, and even inside the waiting area of the hotel. Don't let the word "bed" in bed bugs fool you. This insect doesn't need to wait till you are asleep to feed on you. They can do it while you're wide awake. That is why they are being found in some surprising locations like movie theaters and libraries.

Learn to recognize these oval, rust-colored bugs when you see them, and the black fecal matter on the stitching of seats, upholstered furniture, and mattresses that are a warning of their presence inside these items.


Before you bring luggage into your room, make sure to do a check. Inspect mattress seams and corners for black residue, and use a flashlight to closely examine upholstered furniture in your room. Check the bed for shed skin casings, blood stains on the sheets, and, of course, the bugs themselves.


For added protection, you can put your luggage inside plastic bags to keep bugs from getting inside them. Refrain from putting clothing or towels on the floor or draping them over a chair in your room. When you return home, wash and dry all your clothing on the hottest temperature. This will kill all stages of bed bugs that may have hitched a ride home with you. Remember, bed bugs can be the size of a pen tip, and an infestation can start with a single batch of eggs in the seams of your luggage. Bed bug eggs don't need the mother to hatch.

If you stay vigilant and watch for the signs, you can catch these blood-eating insects before they traumatize you on your vacation, and keep them from returning home with you. Don't let bed bugs ruin your rest and relaxation. Learn to catch them before they catch surprise.

Remember, if you do have the unfortunate experience of being infested with these biting insects contact American Pest for help.  We offer bed bug inspections and bed bug treatments in Montgomery County and throughout our Maryland, NOVA and D.C. service area.  Our professional technicians have the training and experience to safely resolve your bed bug infestation; or any other pest issues you may face.


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