Common Problems Silverfish Cause In Maryland Homes

silverfish in marylandIf you have ever stepped out of your shower to see a silverfish wiggling around on the floor, then you know how much these disgusting creatures can make your skin crawl. Although they don't bite, they have been known to startle people enough to slip and fall and be injured. But, this is only one of many reasons to not have these tiny, silver bugs in your home.

Silverfish also referred to as fishmoths, carpet sharks, or urban silverfish, are tiny insects with a slender, flattened body that is around a 1/2 to 1 inch in length. They can be light gray to almost blue but have a shimmering effect that makes them look silver. This coloring and the fact that they sometimes move in a sort of fish-like manner is how they get their name. And, not only can these creatures be damaging to your peace of mind in your home, they can also be damaging to belongings.

The Problems Caused By Silverfish

Silverfish can be destructive to old photos: Many folks have at least one box of old photographs stored away somewhere in their home. If silverfish have invaded your house, then these old photos could be in danger of being defaced. If there are no copies of these photos then, not only can the photos be lost, the memories they contain can be lost as well.

Silverfish can be destructive to wallpaper: These creepy crawly bugs love to eat the glue that holds wallpaper on your walls. This is not only unsightly, as wallpaper begins to droop and sag, but it can end up being costly as, eventually, the wallpaper will need to be replaced or the room will need to be painted.

Silverfish can be destructive to books: Silverfish don't care if it is a book that you are throwing away or an antique book that has been in your family for generations, they love eating away at the glue in book bindings. If you care at all about books in your home, it is not a good idea to allow silverfish to roam free.

Silverfish can be destructive to fabrics: These creepy insects love to nibble on fabrics, whether it is an antique wedding dress or your favorite jacket. They also eat blankets, pillowcases, or fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk. They are even known to nibble on certain synthetic fibers and leather items. Silverfish are especially drawn to fabrics that contain adhesives or starches, and clothing that has food particles or spills on them.

Silverfish can be destructive to pantry items: If you have things stored in your pantry that are not in hard plastic containers, silverfish may chew their way through packaging, exposing your products to the air and allowing them to spoil or get stale. They are especially drawn to items such as coffee, sugar and anything containing carbohydrates.

How To Keep Silverfish Out Of Your Home

  • Carefully examine the outside of your home for gaps and cracks. Look closely at your foundation and outer walls for any tiny holes where silverfish, or other pests, could squeeze their way inside.

  • Use liquid cement or a caulking gun to fill in any holes you find.

  • Check around doors and windows for gaps or cracks and seal any that you find.

  • Remove moist areas around your home. If you have leaf litter, wet mulch, areas that don't dry out after it rains, etc., address these issues by removing items, replacing materials or trimming back vegetation. The dryer the area around your home, the less chance you will have of drawing silverfish and other moisture loving pests in close.

  • Inspect all of your door sweeps and make sure they are all making good contact. And, make sure all weather stripping is properly seated. It doesn't take much of a gap for these tiny insects to find a way inside.

  • Be sure the inside of your home is as dry as possible since silverfish are a moisture pest. Use fans or dehumidifiers to dry out rooms that are humid. And address any water leaks you may have that could contribute to your moisture problem.

  • Consider having a pest control company put a chemical barrier around your home.

If you need help with silverfish or any other household pest that is harassing you, please give us a call. The pest experts at American Pest are standing by to assist you. Don't let these creepy; destructive creatures stay in your home. Get help today.


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