How Stink Bug Reduction Works

While stink bugs haven't been around in the U.S. as long as we have, they're certainly making up for lost time. American Pest has been protecting homes and businesses since 1925. Those stink bugs started showing up at the end of the 1990s. At first, it was an isolated sighting here and there. But sightings are far from isolated nowadays. These bugs can come in by the hundreds. They crawl in curtains, perch on light fixtures, and buzz through the air in the most awkward of fashions. But worse, that is not where the trouble ends. Stink bugs can also be destructive. Let's take a look at some of the problems they can cause, and walk through a few of the many reasons stink bug reduction service is the best solution for keeping these stinky bugs out.

stink bug on outside of maryland homeThe brown marmorated stink bug is a crop pest. When these insects get into homes, they are going to look for something to eat. 

  • Did you put those tomatoes on the counter to make a salad? Don't leave them there. You're likely to find nibble marks on them when you get back.

  • Do you like to leave fruit in a bowl on the table? Stink bugs will thank you for it. They love fruit.

  • Do you have a lid on your kitchen trash can? If not, those stink bugs can find a meal in there and stay active all winter. This means more unwanted encounters.

  • Do you have potted plants? They may become a meal for those stink bugs.

The excretions of stink bugs can also be a problem when these bugs find their way into a home. 

  • The chemicals excreted from a stink bug don't just have an odor, they are considered to be an aeroallergen. That means that some people have an allergic reaction when they are exposed to the odor produced by these bugs. This can become quite a problem when stink bugs get into ventilation systems.

  • When stink bugs walk around on couches, beds, and other furniture, the chemicals they leave behind can produce a dermatological response for some individuals. This may manifest itself as a rash. But can also develop into rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and other allergic conditions.

  • If you use a vacuum cleaner to suck these bugs up regularly, it won't be long before your vacuum acquires the scent of these bugs.

Why Stink Bug Reduction Works Best

There are many things you can do to keep stink bugs out. You can inspect and repair all of the screens on your home, check around window frames and seal gaps you find, address areas of moisture near your exterior walls, seal gaps around pipes, patch cracks on your foundation walls, and replace white exterior lights with yellow, insect-resistant light bulbs, but none of these are a guaranteed that you won't get another stink bug infestation this winter. These are resourceful bugs that are highly motivated to hide from the cold. If they congregate on your walls, they are sure to find a way in. And, the more bugs there are, the more bugs you'll have getting inside. Stink bug reduction services actively reduce populations when they come to congregate, and reduces the number of bugs trying to find a way in. 

At American Pest, we do three limited and targeted exterior treatments a year. Two are done in the fall (between August and November) and one is done in the spring (between March and May). That is usually enough to stop these bugs from coming in. But, every home has its particular challenges. Some homes are hit harder than others. And some homes have more entry points than others. No problem. If stink bugs show up anytime throughout the entire year, we come take care of them at no additional cost. There is simply no better way to guarantee that your home will not be a playground for stink bugs this winter. 

If you have more questions or you'd like to set up stink bug reduction service for your home, reach out to us. We service the D.C. area, Maryland, and Northern Virginia with industry-leading pest control services. We look forward to serving you.


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