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Home to the University of Virginia and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello plantation home, Charlottesville is the historic county seat of Albemarle County, Virginia. While its educational, historical, and cultural attractions make it a great place to live and work for people of all ages, its climate and temperatures, unfortunately, make it very attractive for a very different sort of guest: pests, including insects, rodents, and more. 

We have been providing Pest Control in Charlottesville City for over 90 years. As a long-time pest control provider, we offer quality pest control services for both Charlottesville homes and businesses and take pride in our longstanding tradition of professional service while applying the latest pest control and exterminating techniques and practices that are highly effective yet eco-friendly.

These are some of our plans:

  • Preferred Care Plan- Preferred Care offers coverage for over 30 common pests both inside and out, 6 visits each year, and includes our pest-free pledge guarantee.

  • Preferred Care Plus- The Preferred Care Plus plan has all the benefits of our Preferred Care plan plus year-round termite monitoring, so you will know if these silent destroyers are creeping onto your property.

  • Preferred Care Complete Plan- The Preferred Care Complete plan includes all the benefits of our Preferred Plus plan with termite elimination also. So, not only will you know if termites are sneaking onto your property, you will be protected from these destructive pests with our termite elimination service as well.

Residential Pest Control in Charlottesville VA

At American Pest, our Preferred Care residential pest control services provide Charlottesville homeowners with comprehensive protection for more than 30 common household pests. By offering three levels of pest control coverage we let you choose the pest control service that suits your needs as a homeowner. 

We'll make sure that your property is protected year-round through our SMART home pest plans with treatments around every corner of your home and foundation's exterior areas.

We offer customized pest solutions to ensure that your house receives the correct amount of attention for each specific type of infestation or concern. Some of the pests we cover are:


By offering three levels of pest control coverage you can choose the pest control service that best fits your situation and at an affordable price!


Common Pests in Charlottesville City 

What's the Best Way to Exterminate Rodents?

People in Charlottesville City might think that taking care of rodents isn’t that hard, but the truth is that mice and rats are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of because of their facility to move, reproduce and hide.

We have specialized rodent pest treatments that will take care of this for you. One of our best ways to catch these guys is using the Anticimex SMART system, an intelligent trapping method that will constantly check and react to rodent activity, communicating in real-time with one of our pest professionals and preventing costly pest infestations in an environmentally friendly way that we can really get behind.


Can I Get Rid of Termites by Myself?

To effectively get rid of termites that have infested your Charlottesville property American Pest offers complete termite pest control.  These wood-destroying pests have the ability to thoroughly infest your home and establish termite colonies on or nearby your property.

This can cause costly damage but our pest control professionals are trained to identify termite damage as well as eliminate the entire termite colony. Our solution to termite problems includes the installation of the Sentricon®Termite Colony Elimination System which continuously monitors for termite activity on around your home.

At American Pest, we guarantee complete eradication of termite infestations and are proud to offer residential termite control in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area, including Charlottesville City.


How to Eliminate Bed Bugs from My Home?

Bed bugs are superior hitchhikers as well as accomplished breeders and are making a strong comeback in Charlottesville. These nocturnal insects can infest commercial property and residential dwellings quickly and thoroughly resulting in a major bed bug problem.

At American Pest, we offer the most complete Charlottesville Bed Bug Services because we understand how one tiny bed bug can multiply into many and harm your company’s image or simply take away the comfort of coming home at the end of the day.

Our Virginia Bed Bug services are ideal for hotels, motels, hospitals, dorms as well as apartment buildings, condos, and other residential properties.

We use our K9 Bed Bug Inspection teams to accurately identify all infested areas and our professional pest control technicians follow up with targeted treatments. With American Pest by your side, you don’t have to let the bed bugs bite you, your family, employees, or customers. Whether you’re looking for Residential Bed Bug Control or Commercial Bed Bug Services we can help.





C. Tracy - Charlottesville, VA

We’re continually shown this company’s dedication to the customer through knowledge sharing with an informative report of inspection that is reviewed in real-time and efforts for explaining all treatments performed."






Pest Control for My Business in Charlottesville 

At American Pest, we’ve been entrusted to protect Charlottesville businesses because we have over 90 years of industry experience and offer quality commercial pest control solutions. We’ve developed our commercial pest control services to effectively target the pest concerns for a variety of businesses in Charlottesville, VA including but not limited to:

  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Federal Government

No matter why type of business you operate we offer customized pest control solutions that target the insects and rodents that can harm your business including Bed Bug Services, Termite Control, Rodent Control as well as general Commercial Pest Control for everyday pest problems and customized solutions for Charlottesville Industries.

All our services are eco-friendly, comply with all industry regulations and meet quality standards. Our LEED pest control program and SMART technology allow business owners to eliminate pest activity with top-notch technology and earn two credits toward the LEED “Existing Building Operations and Maintenance” certification, providing your business a superior status and advantage over the competition.

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