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Chevy Chase, Maryland Depends On American Pest

American Pest understands the pest pressures that urban residents in the affluent community of Chevy Chase experience as well as residents throughout Montgomery County. 

Residents of Chevy Chase may have a specific pest problem or may simply want to have a program implemented to prevent pests from entering the home.  Either way, American Pest has almost 100 years of pest knowledge and experience dealing with these unwanted pests.  Regardless of how small or big the problem may be, contact the Chevy Chase pest control professionals at American Pest today.

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Chevy Chase Bed Bug Treatments

There has been a resurgence of bed bugs in the past 20-30 years throughout the United States creating a threat for residential and commercial property owners of Chevy Chase and throughout Montgomery County. 

This increase of bed bug activity is due in part to increased international travel as well as the built-up resistance to common pesticides. 

Knowing that even a minor bed bug infestation can cause havoc and interruption of the day to day work activities and home environment, American Pest clients will be offered a variety of bed bug services to meet each individual need or circumstance.  Among many other things, these services may include bed bug heat treatments, K-9 bed bug detection services, encasements, and conventional pesticide treatment.


How to Get Rid Of Ants in the House

No matter how harmless they may be, no one wants to see an army of ants parading across the kitchen floor or in the cupboards.  While some ants are simply a nuisance, others, like the carpenter ant, can be destructive.  About the time you think you have gotten rid of them, another batch of ants show up and the process begins all over again. 

American Pest offers Chevy Chase and Montgomery County residents a choice of incredibly effective home pest control programs to get rid of all types of ants from pavement ants to odorous ants and even the destructive carpenter ants. 

The most efficient and successful approach to removing ants is to contact American Pest and ask about our Preferred Care Plans.  Preferred Care will remove your ants and more than 30 additional common household pests.


Commercial Pest Control in Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase commercial companies represent a variety of industries from major insurance offices to arenas & stadiums, hotels, retail stores, and medical facilities.  From this wide range of businesses comes a wide range of pests.  No company can afford for their reputation to be tarnished because of the presence of pests in their facility. 

These pests can include anything from bed bugs to ants, rodents, termites, and many more.  American Pest has the experience and proficiency to protect your commercial facility regardless of the pests involved. 

Our commercial pest control program is a comprehensive pest control program that resolves pest issues for all types of businesses.  We will take a survey of your commercial property and customize a specialized treatment solution to meet your company’s pest control needs.


Chevy Chase Pest Control Experts

American Pest is a locally owned and operated pest control company that has earned the elite status as one of the oldest premier pest control businesses in Montgomery County and throughout Maryland.  Chevy Chase customers can contact American Pest today and leave your pest worries up to us by transferring all your pest issues over to our highly trained professional pest technicians.

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