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Pest Control in Clarksburg

American Pest has been protecting the residents of Montgomery County and across Maryland, including Clarksburg, from pests since 1925. We are a family owned and operated pest control company that takes pride in providing only the most advanced services for our customers. 

You may have chosen to live in Clarksburg, Maryland, because you fell in love with a home or because of our close community, great schools, or even because of our close commute to some of the area’s larger metropolitan districts; whatever the reason, we want to help you protect your home and investment from damages that pests can cause. 

With the pros at American Pest by your side you can be sure that your Clarksburg home will be free of pests. 

Home Pest Control In Clarksburg MD

Ants, mice, stink bugs, centipedes, spiders, and crickets are just some of the many common household pests that get into your Clarksburg home and cause serious problems.  The best defense against household pests is to have in place a year-round residential pest control service. Year-round home pest control means that any current issues with pests will be resolved and preventative measures will be taken to stop future pests from becoming a nuisance or causing damages within your home.

To meet all of our customer’s needs, we have three home pest control plans to choose from:

Preferred Care- This plan protects your home from over 30 common pests and provides seasonal treatments (4 times per year). It also includes both interior and exterior treatments and our pest free guarantee pledge which states if pests become a problem between visits we will come back at no charge!

Preferred Care Plus- This plan includes everything that is in the above Preferred Care plan along with the added benefit of termite monitoring to help discover problems with termites in a timely manner in order to limit the serious damages that they can cause.

Preferred Care Complete- This is our most comprehensive residential pest control plan. It includes everything found in the Preferred Care Plus program, but also includes termite control services to eliminate these damaging pests from your home as quickly and safely as possible.


Clarksburg Pest Control For Condos, Housing Associations, & Managed Properties

Addressing the needs of apartment buildings, condos, and other managed properties can be quite a challenge.  However, it is a challenge that we at American Pest have taken on.  We have worked to create successful custom treatment plans that protect both the owners and the residents of multi-unit and/or managed properties.

We pride ourselves in working closely with property management companies in order to develop a custom pest control plans that not only can fit into most any budget, but that are extremely effective in controlling common pest problems (ants, rodents, roaches) found in condos and apartment buildings

Contact American Pest today to see how our commercial pest control services can protect any managed property from problems with dangerous and damaging pests.


Clarksburg Bed Bug Inspections & Bed Bug Removal Services

Bed bugs are a common problem in many cities and towns all across the United States and here in Maryland.  The most effective way to completely get rid of any size bed bug infestation is to get professional help as quickly as possible.  At American Pest we have very effective and safe treatment options available for you to choose from to control any size bed bug infestation.

Before treatment begins, we perform an inspection using our highly trained K-9 inspection team.  Our K-9 inspectors are important assets when it comes to finding hidden adults along with the more difficult to see eggs and nymphs.  K-9 inspection dogs can quickly inspect any sized home no matter how clean or cluttered it may be.

Our bed bug control services include:

  • Bed bug heat treatments

  • Conventional liquid treatments

  • Mattress and box spring encasements to help contain and prevent future problems.


Mosquito Control In Clarksburg, Maryland

Mosquitoes in Clarksburg can be a huge concern for homeowners; they can overtake properties and make spending time outside less than enjoyable.  Besides being a huge nuisance, some mosquitoes carry and transmit very serious diseases.

In order to reduce mosquito numbers on your Clarksburg property our mosquito control experts provide 6-7 treatments during the active season, which usually run from March thru October. 

Our treatment process includes: an inspection of your property to identify breeding and resting sites, treatment using a specialized misting system applied to foliage areas around your property, and limiting mosquito breeding areas by treating those areas with a biological mosquito larvicide to stop larvae from developing into adults.

For more information about any of our pest control services and how they can help to protect your property by controlling pests around your Clarksburg, Maryland, home contact the pros here at American Pest today!

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