1. Ellicott City, MD Pest Control

Ellicott City, MD Pest Control

As one of the most affluent communities in America, Ellicott City boasts picturesque homes and historic sites. Located in Howard County, this gem of a community has that down-home feel and a vibrant downtown where unique shops are nestled among fine eateries.

This county seat is conveniently situated between Frederick and Annapolis in close proximity to Baltimore and D.C., yet it offers such a quaint, small-town atmosphere it is no wonder that it is the perfect place to call home.

Unfortunately, pests such as rodents, termites, bed bugs, and more are equal opportunity invaders. They do not care if your home is in an affluent community or not; they will invade any home that offers them food, water, and shelter, which means that the homes and families in perfect Ellicott City are at risk for damage and disease from pests.

This is where the trusted professionals here at American Pest come in. By offering prompt and courteous service at a fair price, we have been effectively controlling and eliminating pests since 1925.

As an industry leader, we have obtained QualityPro certification making us in the top 3% of pest control companies in America. That’s quality and service you can trust. Pests in Ellicott City are no match for the experts here at American Pest. 

Termite Protection for Your Ellicott City Home

One of the greatest dangers to Ellicott City homes is the threat of termites. These little, elusive pests secretly invade the bowels of your home and silently eat away at the support structure inside walls sometimes for years without being detected.

In fact, these creatures cause U.S. property owners more than $5 billion dollars in damages annually; most of which is not covered under homeowner insurance policies.

This is why it is so important to be proactive when it comes to termites. A termite monitoring and elimination service is paramount if you want to protect the equity that you have earned in your Ellicott City property.

Here at American Pest, we are certified operators of the industry leading and highly acclaimed Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System which discreetly offers the termites irresistible bait that they ingest and take back to the entire colony to share.

This bait will interrupt the termite’s ability to absorb nutrition and reproduce. Once your current infestation is gone, this system also remains in place and is monitored by our specialists to keep other termites from choosing your home in the future.

It is the state-of-the-art termite control that Ellicott City homes need to eliminate and guard against termites. Eliminate termites or guard against these elusive terrors with help from the termite experts here at American Pest.


Bed Bug Control in Ellicott City, Maryland

Bed bugs incidents are on the rise across the country and here in Ellicott City. These nocturnal creatures have made their way into homes and businesses at an alarming rate in recent years.

Once nearly extinct in the U.S., bed bugs have made a resurgence in the past decade. One of the contributing factors to their success is the increase in world travel. Ellicott City is a desired location for travelers who come to our great community for work and for play.

This makes our homes and businesses a target for bed bugs. Fortunately, the trusted technicians here at American Pest are here for you when bed bugs bite. We offer state-of-the-art technologies and products and highly trained and experienced experts to help you eliminate bed bugs from your home or business.

Our goal is to offer quality services at a fair price, which is what has made the American Pest name a trusted name and leader in the pest control industry. If you find that bed bugs have made their way into your Ellicott City home or business, give us a call. Our bed bug experts will respond quickly and discreetly to your bed bug invasion.


Ellicott City Residential Pest Control

Here at American Pest, we know how important it is for you to keep your Ellicott City home free from pests. Unwanted pests such as rodents, termites, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ticks and many more can invade your home and cause extensive damage to the structural wood or cause serious and sometimes life-threatening diseases.

We also know that there is no cookie-cutter solution to pests which is why we offer three residential pest control packages for you to choose from in your fight against pests.

Our basic package, the Preferred Care plan, offers protection for more than 30 common household pests. It is the perfect start-up plan for any homeowner to consider.

Next, we offer the Preferred Care Plus plan which is our more moderate plan that offers the same protection as the Preferred Care plan along with termite monitoring services.

Lastly, we offer our highly acclaimed Preferred Care Complete Termite plan. This plan will eliminate and offer continuous protection for over 30 household pests, including termites that are invading your home. It is one of the most comprehensive pest control plans in the industry. Protect your investment in your Ellicott City home by partnering with American Pest today.


Why Choose American Pest for Pest Control in Ellicott City

American Pest is the choice for Ellicott City home and business owners who want superior year-round protection from unwanted pests and fast, effective attention when pests invade. Whether you need a one-time service or you need the year-round peace of mind that our Preferred Care plans offer, we are the trusted choice for Ellicott City properties.

We began offering prompt effective services at a fair price in 1925 and have steadily grown into a QualityPro certified industry leader in the pest control industry.

We offer state-of-the-art products and technologies all administered by highly trained, licensed, and certified pest control teams.

When unwanted pests decide to invade your Ellicott City property, American Pest is here with the effective solutions that are not only eco-friendly but are also safe for you, your family, and your pets. Give us a call today to see how we can help you become pest-free in Ellicott City.

Common Pests in Ellicott City

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