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Ticks Return to Falls Church, VA

If you've been around the forests and wilderness around Falls Church for any extended period of time, or if your home is situated nearby, you're unfortunately probably familiar with ticks. These parasitic pests are harmful to humans and pets, and can be next to impossible to prevent working on your own. Luckily, you don't have to: contact American Pest this summer for professional tick control solutions.

Effective Pest Control Services In Falls Church, Virginia

Falls Church is an independent city within the Virginia Commonwealth but considered a part of Fairfax County, part of the larger Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Like many communities within Fairfax, Falls Church is a mid-sized city full of historic charm and lots of places to see and things to do. Unfortunately, it also shares the heat, humidity, and climate that Virginia is known for, making it the perfect breeding ground for numerous pests to thrive all year-round.

For over 90 years American Pest has led the way in Falls Church pest control services. Our team consists of over 150 expert pest control professionals who provide our commercial and residential pest service clients in Northern Virginia with a pest-free environment. And, we are ready to help you protect your home or business from pests and the problems they cause.

At American Pest you’ll find the most effective pest services that use the latest eco-friendly practices and techniques to get rid of stink bugs, bed bugs, cockroaches and termites as well as many other bugs and rodents that reside in our area.


Bed Bugs In Falls Church Virginia

Bed bugs can be a real headache; not only for hotels and other businesses but for homeowners as well. Unfortunately, bed bug problems are common in Falls Church and throughout Northern VA and really throughout the country. At American Pest, we understand that these tiny nighttime pests are superior travelers and prolific breeders. They infest single family homes and townhomes, as well as apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels and other commercial establishments. For this reason, we offer complete bed bug extermination.  Whether you’ve woken up with tiny bed bug bites or have received complaints from your customers, we can help. Contact American Pest for effective bed bug control in Falls Church and throughout our service area.   


Falls Church Home Pest Control

All year long insects and rodents pose a problem for homeowners in Falls Church and that is why American Pest offers effective home pest control to take care of:


Our local pest control company is QualityPro Green accredited by the National Pest Management Association and has been entrusted to protect some of our capital city’s highest profile properties.

We are committed to giving your home this same treatment with our Preferred Care plans. Offering the best and most efficient pest control services for your home in Falls Church, our Preferred Care pest control service provides superior residential pest control while allowing you to select the level of pest control coverage that works for your family.

With three different plans available we are sure to have a solution to your pest problems. Don’t let insects and rodents invade your home. For pest control in Falls Church, trust American Pest. We are here to protect your home and family. 


Falls Church Commercial Pest Control

Since 1925 American Pest has been providing the best in commercial pest management services. Our commercial pest solutions address insects and rodents that are commonplace in businesses and commercial facilities. 

Let us work with your company to customize a plan that targets your company’s pest problems while remaining sensitive to your budgetary restrictions.

We have serviced many different types of businesses and industries including schools, restaurants and bars, hospitals and hotels. Using only the latest eco-friendly services our commercial pest control services comply with all industry regulations and exceed all quality standards.


Falls Church, VA Termite Control 

Termites are small wood destroying insects that are capable of causing severe structural damage to your home or business. Although they do not pose an immediate threat to people, termites can leave you with a hefty repair bill. 

At American Pest, our trained pest control professionals will locate any termite activity on your property and then apply the appropriate type of termite treatment that ensures the invading termites (and the entire colony) are eliminated.

Often times our termite control includes the installation of the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System which goes beyond treatment to monitor for any new termite activity on your property--365 days a year! Don't wait for termite damage, contact us today to get ahead of these destructive pests!

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