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Fluvanna County is located in Virginia and is home to over 33,000 people as of the 2010 census. It is one of the fastest-growing counties in Virginia and has had steady population growth since 1990. 

Even though is a great place to live, Pest problems can be hard to control in Fluvanna County because the environment is very favorable for many animals and insects. Rats could enter your attic or walls to search for food, and mosquitoes could bring severe problems during times of flooding.

At American Pest, we will treat and protect your Fluvanna home from more than 30 pests, including:


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Home Pest Control in Fluvanna County

All pests need is a small opening to gain access into your home and cause problems, so it is determining to have an experienced pest control service plan year-round that can provide you total protection.

At American Pest, we service comprehensive pest control plans that can keep your Fluvanna home free from any infestation. All of our home plans include:

  • Up to 4 Services Per Year
  • Year-Round Coverage
  • Exterior Perimeter Treatment
  • Interior Service Guarantee 
  • Exterior Spider De-Webbing
  • Extra Services at no Additional Cost


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Common Pests in Fluvanna County 

Should I Get a Preventive Rodent Treatment?

Rodents carry a large number of diseases and can cause significant damage to your property.

Hiring a professional pest control service in Fluvanna County means protecting your home, as rodents can destroy it little by little, and all it takes is a small crack in a wall or a hole in your ceiling for them to come inside.

Our SMART Solutions provides an intelligent and eco-friendly rodent control system that operates 24 hours a day. Monitoring and instantly reacting to rodent activity through heat sensors, and communicating with our pest experts in real-time, so we'll know what's happening before you do.


What to do if I found Termites in My Home?

Termites are the number one wood-destroying insect in Fluvanna County, as they feed on wood and can weaken any structure, making it very easy to collapse.  

Our team of experts will handle termites through an environmental-friendly method that is non-toxic for humans or pets and more attractive than wood for termites.

The Sentricon® baiting station kills the termites at their source, which means that workers termites will pick up the bait and take it back to the kingdom. This bait is more appealing to termites than the wood itself, making it the first thing termites salvage for their colony. The result will be the complete elimination of existing termites and the prevention of future infestations.


Cockroach Infestation - Why You Need a Professional Treatment

Cockroaches are one of the most reviled pests, and for good reason. Not only are they unsightly, but they can also be dangerous to your health.

Cockroaches have been linked to a number of diseases, including food poisoning and asthma. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of these pests once and for all: by getting a professional treatment.

At American pest, our professionals have the experience and expertise necessary to get rid of cockroach infestations effectively. They will first identify the source of the problem and then put together a customized plan to get rid of the cockroaches for good. This may involve using baits, traps, or even pesticides if the infestation is severe.

However, you can rest assured that the treatment will be effective and safe for people and pets. In addition, the professionals will also provide advice on how to prevent cockroach infestations in the future. So if you're tired of dealing with these pesky pests, be sure to call an American pest professional today.





C. Tracy - Charlottesville, VA

We’re continually shown this company’s dedication to the customer through knowledge sharing with an informative report of inspection that is reviewed in real-time and efforts for explaining all treatments performed."






Commercial Pest Control Treatment for my Business in Fluvanna County

Pest problems for your business can be very costly, as pests tend to travel from one area of your property to the next until they find enough food to feed their entire family.

The best way to protect your commercial establishment is through prevention and extermination services.

We provide a comprehensive Commercial Pest Management Program that includes:

  • 1st Round of Treatments
  • Interior Perimeter Capture
  • Exterior Barrier Treatment
  • Treatment of All Known Entry Points
  • Trapping Program Based on Monitoring Data
  • Inspection and Evaluation


No matter what kind of business you have, we will defend it from pests and keep them out. We have developed a program that targets the most common pests found in offices and the various workspaces your employees call home. 

On top of that, our LEED pest control program not only eliminates pests with SMART technology and eco-friendly products but allows business owners to earn two credits toward the LEED “Existing Building Operations and Maintenance” certification, providing your business a superior status and advantage over the competition.

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