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When an infestation occurs in your Gainesville home, you need an effective and friendly pest control service to respond quickly. American Pest is a pest control service that has been in business in Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia for over 90 years.

We all know that pests like wasps, cockroaches and rats can be a real pain. They do their best to get into your home through cracks in the door or underneath floor boards but it doesn't matter because American Pest is here! We will help you keep these creatures out while also making sure they don’t come back again by providing quality services like pest control remedies for homes where there have been invasions previously conducted by this type of animal since we're experts at what our name suggests: “Pests"

That means they know the ins and outs of the industry and know what it takes to stop your infestation at its source. We know that dealing with invasive rodents and bugs usually cause distress, which is why we act quickly during times of an infestation.

Therefore, we offer a variety of services that will effectively eliminate the pest issue, while also working to prevent any future infestations.

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Our team of highly trained pest technicians is on hand to eliminate nearly any pest that might plague you, including but not limited to:




Fleas & Ticks




Rats and Mice


And more!


We are just as persistent as any pest infestation that you deal with. Because our technicians use ontop-of-the-line, EPA approved products, your home remains safe for your family and pets. The services we offer will stop current infestations and you won’t need to worry about future infestations with our year-round pest protection.



All of our services begin with an initial treatment that eradicates all indoor pests and establishes an exterior barrier to keep pests out. With our popular Preferred Care service, we will visit your home every other month to make sure that your perimeter remains fortified against pesky intruders.

In addition, we provide seasonal treatments, as well as non-recurring treatments to stop stinging insects and bed bugs.

American Pest is the pest protection and pest-free life we provide for your family now and in the future. No matter what type of pest is bothering you, American Pest will be ready to help.

Contact American Pest today to get more information on our residential and commercial pest control services and ask our team for a free quote on year-round pest control in Gainesville.

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