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At American Pest, we are a locally owned and operated pest control company with strong ties to the Maryland communities we serve.  We stand ready to help you address your pest problem, whether you have ants in the kitchen, a mouse in the house, or any other type of insect or rodent infestation.  Our technicians are highly trained and will provide you with a safe and effective solution to your problem. If you live in Glenelg or elsewhere in Howard County, Maryland, please give us a call today for more details about our termite control any of our other pest control services!


Glenelg Pest Control For Ants, Mice And More

Along with offering comprehensive termite control we offer Glenelg pest control for ants, spiders, mice, and other common household pests.  Our Preferred Care plan includes seasonal pest control services (4 times a year) and is a great way to protect against occasional invaders and other common pests.  The residential pest control program also includes no-charge treatments between scheduled visits if a pest problem occurs.  We also offer our Preferred Care Plus and Preferred Care Complete, which along with the seasonal service also consists of termite monitoring, mosquito control and/or tick reduction service, all in one plan.  In addition to the plans mentioned above, we also offer:

  • Residential stink bug reduction services

  • Tick control

  • Mosquito mitigation

  • Bed bug control for the home

For more information on residential pest control in Glenelg and our Pest Free Pledge, please contact American Pest today!


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Are Termites Active On Your Property?

Unlike stinging insects whose stings can be dangerous or mice that could introduce serious illness into the home, termites in Glenelg, Howard County and throughout Maryland do not pose a direct threat to the health of people or pets.  But when it comes to your home, Eastern Subterranean termites are extremely dangerous and their presence could result in thousands of dollars in repair costs. 

As their name suggests, this species of termite live underground and while they generally forage for food outside which includes the cellulose found in fallen leaves and timber and rotten wood, they will make their way inside of buildings through cracks in walls and foundations. 

Termite damage will not collapse a building in a few days but generally speaking by the time it is noticed, extensive damage has already occurred.  If you are worried about termites and whether or not they are on or in your Howard County home, American Pest can help!


Glenelg Pest Control Pros On Termite Damage

Wood that has been damaged by termites may appear intact when really there are hundreds of tunnels running through it, causing it to be almost hollow.  The wood from the outside will appear blistered, splintered or weakened and because of the many tunnels, the outside of the wood is easily punctured. The termites will repair the holes they have created using mud and saliva, which you will be able to see.  You may also notice that doors and floors in your home are starting to become warped. 

Along with seeing changes to the wood in your home, you may also find mud tunnels on the ground around your home; these tunnels are about the diameter of a pencil and are the routes in which termites travel from their nest below the ground to their food source.  Piles of discarded wings outside of your doors or windows are from the winged termites swarming on warm, moist days. 

If you notice any or all of these signs of termites you should get immediate termite control for your Glenelg property; the faster the treatment is started, the less structural damage they will be able to do to your home or property.  


Termite Control In Glenelg MD

If you are in need of Glenelg pest control for a termite problem, American Pest has all the up to date technologies to eliminate termites from your property.  If these wood destroying insects are discovered during a thorough termite inspection, our MD termite control experts can install the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. 

The Sentricon® system involves placing bait stations around your home with no drilling or digging. This system works to detect termites, then eliminates them with environmentally friendly bait, and then continuously monitors your property to stop a re- infestation. 

This system requires only a few grams of bait to attract the termites, making it an extremely environmentally friendly treatment method.  Along with the Sentricon® system, we also offer liquid barrier treatments using Altriset®.  The liquid treatment is placed into a trench that is dug around the foundation of your home.  The termites will ingest it and bring the treated soil back to the colony. 

The entire colony can generally be destroyed in around 3 months using this method.  Both of these treatment options are effective in eliminating termite infestations; American Pest will work with you to determine which one will work best for you and your home's unique needs.

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