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Pest Control in Granite MD

In addition to the granite produced from its quarries, Granite, Maryland is known for being the location where the final scenes of “The Blair Witch Project” were filmed! Granite is an unincorporated community that is located in Baltimore County; it provides its residents with quiet, safe neighborhoods and an easy commute to larger Maryland cities and the many amenities they offer.

The Maryland pest professionals found at American Pest are ready to help residents keep their homes free of pests such as ants, roaches, flies, spiders, termites, rodents, and more that also reside in Granite. Trust our professionals and the services that we offer at American Pest to keep nuisance, dangerous, and damaging pests away from your Granite property!


Residential Pest Control Services in Granite, MD

To protect your home, family, and pets at American Pest we provide our customers with comprehensive pest control solutions that not only work extremely effectively, but that are environmentally friendly. By partnering together we can ensure that your home will become and stay free of over 30 common household pests!

Through our S.T.A.R. approach to pest management, we create a targeted plan to control pests in and around your Granite, Maryland home.


  • Survey- Our professionals survey your property and find pest entry points and the places that they are active.
  • Target- A targeted treatment solution for your specific home is created by our highly trained professionals.
  • Analyze- We take the time to analyze the outcome of treatment and if needed take corrective action.  
  • Report- We report our findings back to you to help prevent future infestations.

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Our 24/7/365 system detects and alerts pests activity instantly, so we know before you do. 

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Commercial Pest Control Services In Granite, MD

What is a sure-fire way to give your business a bad reputation within the Granite community? Having pest issues within your facility! All it takes is one customer to spot one small issue with pests for your hard-earned reputation to be tarnished. Controlling pests in any industry is a full-time job and one that needs to be tackled by a professional.

At American Pest, we have developed our ProCare Program in conjunction with our staff entomologists in order to offer a very effective commercial pest control program. Our ProCare Program eliminates current pest issues and prevents future problems with pests in your facility through customized solutions.

By choosing American Pest you will receive the benefits of emergency pest control services, a local Customer Care Center that is available 24 hours a day, and the knowledge that if in-between service visits covered pest problems pop up we will return and take care of the problem at no charge. We are also proud to say that with the help of our 4 Board Certified Entomologists and 8 associate entomologists we are always researching and implementing the latest pest control discoveries for all of our business customers!


Termite Protection For Homes And Businesses In Granite, MD

Termites are a serious issue for home and business owners living throughout Maryland, including in Granite. Termites are known as “silent destroyers” for good reason; they move without fanfare into a home or business and begin to systematically feed away on its structural wood. In most cases, by the time a termite invasion is discovered (weeks, months, or even years) the damage has already been done. At American Pest, we are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the services needed to control and prevent termite infestations.

To help prevent and control termites in Granite homes and businesses we provide the following services:


⭐ A thorough termite inspection.

⭐ The installation of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. This environmentally friendly system requires no digging, trenching, or the use of harmful liquids.

⭐ Continuous Monitoring For New Termite Activity by our highly trained and experienced technicians.

⭐ Regular maintenance on Sentricon® with Always Active™.


Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive termite inspection for your Granite home or business.


Why Choose American Pest In Granite, MD

At American Pest, we pride ourselves in being a pest control company that is trusted to provide safe, effective pest control services that exceed the expectations of our Granite, MD customers. Our longevity in the pest control industry (since 1925) has allowed us to become leaders in the industry and develop exceptional modern pest control services that the home and business owners we serve can count on.

All of our pest control programs are created under the guidance of our staff entomologists to ensure that they are extremely effective against any pest and any size infestation! Other benefits to choosing American Pest include:


⭐ We are locally owned and operated

⭐ We have skilled hiring standards

⭐ We provide world-class training

⭐ We offer applied Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices that are environmentally responsible.


Contact American Pest today to see how we can help you to control pests in and around your Granite, Maryland home; and to discover why so many Maryland residents trust us to take care of their pest control needs!

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