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The Best Home Pest Control in Henrico County

American Pest is the leading Virginia pest control company! We’ve been offering quality services in Henrico County since 1925, and are EPA approved! Reach out to us today and let a specialist know how we may assist you!

The expert specialists of American Pest have been providing the homeowners and businesses of Henrico County with quality pest control solutions for nearly a century. Through our EPA-approved methods, proven track record, and use of the latest technology in pest control, homeowners and businesses alike can get the peace of mind that they deserve!

At American Pest, we hold ourselves to the highest standard possible when it comes to providing fast, efficient, and effective pest control services. No homeowner or business should ever have to deal with the implications of an infestation, and with American Pest, you’ll never have to! Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

Professional Rodent Extermination

Rodents can create a ton of problems for homeowners and businesses. These insidious vermin are notorious for the health issues they can cause to people and the structural damage they can cause for buildings. It’s imperative to detect the presence of rodents early before they can multiply and spread. American Pest makes detection easy with our utilization of the latest technological advancements in pest control.

Our specialists utilize SMART systems, which are carefully crafted to monitor homes and businesses and detect the presence of rodents. Once spotted, SMART systems provide prompt and ample solutions to rodent infestations. Homeowners and businesses can get back to what matters most. To learn more about our innovative SMART systems, simply refer to the link above! 

Common Pests in Henrico, VA

Best Termite Treatments in Henrico County

A termite infestation can be one of the most problematic types of pest problems for homeowners. These insects live in the soil both beneath and around the foundations of buildings, where they feed off of the cellulose present in wood, timber, decomposing plants, and more. These pests enter homes and businesses through cracks in their foundations, where they begin to feed on the structural support beams and joists of premises. 

Luckily, American Pest provides fast-acting, EPA approved solutions! Our specialists utilize a Sentricon system, which uses Noviflumuron as its active ingredient.

This ingredient is introduced to the cellulose food source and, once ingested, spreads throughout termite colonies—ultimately causing death and complete colony collapse. For more information regarding the Sentricon method, call American Pest today!

Call us at 301-232-5845 to get a free estimate about our termite treatment in Henrico, VA, or visit our website to read more information about our termites' plan.

Virginia Pest Control for Homeowners

The experts of American Pest take a great amount of pride and joy in helping homeowners of Virginia. We understand how stressful it can be to have a pest problem, which is why we provide quality solutions faster and more effectively than any other name in the pest control industry. In addition to our emergency pest control services, we also offer a multitude of Preferred Care plans that are suitable for any budget! With one of these plans, homeowners can benefit from 24/7 home monitoring and customer service, year-round indoor and outdoor pest protection, and a pest-free guarantee! Contact us today and find out which plan is right for you!





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Exterminators in Virginia for Businesses

It can be both distracting and time consuming for businesses to deal with a pest problem themselves. That’s why American Pest has been leading the charge in the most effective and convenient pest control practices for nearly 100 years! You can rely on our EPA-approved methods, and trust in our industry veterans to eliminate your pest problem. For information about our emergency services or our Preferred Care plans, contact us today!

Give us a call at 301-232-5845 and talk with one of our pest experts about our LEED program and how it can help you get two credits toward the LEED "Existing Building Operations" certification, an exciting opportunity to contribute your business prestige.

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