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The densely forested area in and around Ilchester, Maryland offers residents a picturesque piece of country living. Just over 12 miles southwest of Baltimore, this community is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life but who still want to remain close enough to it to occasionally enjoy its amenities or to work there. But, one thing that you cannot escape here in Ilchester is pests. Mice, mosquitoes, termites, and roaches find Ilchester as alluring as its residents do. The climate is perfect for these pests to thrive; and many pests are able to remain active all year long, especially if they have found their way inside the temperature controlled areas inside your walls. Fortunately, American Pest is here all year long too, offering residents year-round pest control solutions for their homes and businesses. Our year-round residential and commercial pest control plans are some of the most comprehensive and reliable in the industry; and we back them with our pest-free pledge guarantee. To learn more about our year-round residential and commercial plans, our bed bug control services, termite control services, mosquito mitigation and tick control services, or any of our other industry-leading options for your Ilchester home or business, simply contact us today.

Home Pest Control In Ilchester, MD

When you live in a rural area like Ilchester, pests can become a problem. A really big problem. Termites and mice can damage the structure of your home; and mosquitoes, mice, ticks, and a myriad of other pests can carry and transmit diseases to those that you love. But homeowners that have relied on the year-round residential pest control plans from American Pest do not need to worry because pests will not be finding their way in.

Our Preferred Care pest protection plans are the surest way to keep pests from bringing illness to your family and inflicting damage to the structure of your home. Our pest control services are designed to be safe for the environment while offering complete protection from invading pests. We have specifically designed three tiers of protection to meet the individual needs of our clients.

  • Preferred Care – This year-round plan offers Ilchester residents the protection they need by guarding against more than 30 common household pests. We utilize exterior treatments on a quarterly basis and interior treatments as needed, and it is all backed by our Pest Free pledge guarantee.

  • Preferred Care Plus – This plan is also year-round and includes all the benefits found in our Preferred Care plan but adds termite monitoring services to guard against foraging termites that may be looking for a new home. It is the perfect plan for the homeowner that desires pest protection services and the prevention of termites in homes that do not have an existing termite presence. This plan is also backed by our Pest Free pledge guarantee.

  • Preferred Care Complete Termite – This plan will not only prevent over 30 common household pests, but it will also eliminate existing termite colonies and monitor for future foraging termites, as well. This plan is perfect for homes that are currently struggling with a termite colony and want to keep future foraging termite at bay; and, as always, it comes backed by our Pest Free pledge guarantee.

Termite Control Services In Ilchester, MD

Here in Ilchester, termites can remain active all year long, especially if they have already found their way into your home before winter arrives. While there are many species of termites in the world, the one that is most destructive here in Ilchester is the subterranean termite. These pests typically live in huge colonies underground and access your home by building mud tubes across the ground and up the side of your foundation in order to avoid the drying effects of the sun and air. Usually, you do not discover that termites have invaded your home until the damage becomes severe and repairs are costly.

The best way to protect your property from termites and the damages they inflict is with a professional termite monitoring system like the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. The termite control experts here at American Pest are authorized operators of this discreet baiting system that will not only eliminate current termite colonies but will remain in place to defend against future foraging termites as well. Sentricon® with Always Active™ is non-invasive and requires no drilling or trenching. It is simple, eco-friendly, and ensures that termites are not secretly undermining the structural integrity and the value of your Ilchester home or business. To learn more about Sentricon® with Always Active™ or any of our other effective termite solutions, contact the termite experts at American Pest.

Commercial Pest Control In Ilchester, MD

When you live in a small community like Ilchester, Maryland, word sure does seem to travel fast; and if that word is a bad report, it spreads even faster and further – and there is no one who will reap the negative repercussions of a pest infestation quicker than a commercial enterprise. It is bad enough when pests invade a home, but find bed bugs in a hotel, roaches in a restaurant, or mice in a daycare and you may as well brace yourself for months of lost revenue and damage to your reputation that can sometimes be irreversible. Our trusted team of highly-trained commercial pest control specialists understands the intricate regulations for your particular industry, so you can be sure that all of the specifics for your business will be met and that meticulous records will be kept to ensure your compliance. We utilize Integrated Pest Management strategies, so all of our services are minimally invasive and eco-friendly. American Pest has been serving the business community here in Maryland, the D.C. area, and Northern Virginia for more than 9 decades; and through the years, we have gained valuable insight into local pest pressures. To learn more about our effective and affordable pest control plans for your Ilchester business, give us a call today.

Why Choose American Pest In Ilchester, MD

When you are considering pest control services for your Ilchester home or business, you need to take the choice of your provider very seriously. You do not want to leave pest protection services up to a novice. Relying on a company with a proven track record of safety and success is the right choice which is why so many of your friends and neighbors in Maryland, the D.C. area, and Northern Virginia have turned to the trusted team of pest professionals here at American Pest. Our company and our services have stood the test of time, with more than 9 decades of friendly, reliable pest control services. We have earned a reputation for quality customer service and effective pest control solutions and utilize eco-friendly options and Integrated Pest Management protocols. We offer industry-leading pest monitoring and control solutions for homes, businesses, government installations, and industries. To learn more about the pest control options for your Ilchester property, contact us today.

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