1. Jessup, MD Pest Control

Jessup, MD Pest Control

The professionals at American Pest are proud to serve the residents of Jessup, MD by providing industry-leading pest control services to help to keep homes and businesses free of damaging and dangerous pests. Jessup, MD is a small community located in both Howard County and Anne Arundel County.

Jessup is centrally located in the state and is only a short 17-mile drive to the large urban city of Baltimore; due to its central location, Jessup is known for being home to many warehouse storage facilities.

Whether you are trying to protect a large warehouse or your family home from pests, the experts at American pest have the customized residential and commercial pest control services that you need! Contact us today to find out which pest control plan is right for your Jessup property!


Home Pest Control Services In Jessup, MD

Jessup may be a small community, but that doesn’t mean that every home and homeowner has the same needs when it comes to pest control. At American Pest our professionals will work with you to ensure that we are providing you with the pest control services possible to control common household pests in and around your home!

American Pest offers three levels of customizable pest control plans:

  • Preferred Care- This basic but very effective plan includes protection for your home from over 30 common pests, the sealing of pest entry points, rodent monitoring and control, and the prompt treatment of existing pest problems. Our technicians complete seasonal treatments (4 treatments per year) to safely and effectively control pests in and around your home.

  • Preferred Care Plus- This plan provides our customers with everything included in our Preferred Care plans with the addition of termite monitoring. Don’t leave discovering termites up to chance; find an infestation sooner than later with year-round pest control services from American Pest.

  • Preferred Care Complete- This plan is built off of our Preferred Care Plus plan and also includes the addition of termite control services to eliminate termites from your home and property quickly and safely.

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Bed Bug Control In Jessup, MD

Bed bugs are found in public places, even in public places located in small communities like Jessup. Hotels, motels, libraries, movie theaters, and shopping centers are all common places that bed bugs may be found gathering.

Bed bugs can’t fly or jump so instead they crawl onto you or your belongings while you are out and about; they are then accidentally introduced into your home where they happily stay, hiding during the day and emerging at night to bite and feed on the blood of you and your family members.

It probably goes without saying that if bed bugs have infiltrated your home, immediate action needs to be taken, and by immediate action, we don’t mean throwing out your family’s bedding and mattresses, we mean calling American Pest to schedule an inspection and treatment! Professional treatment is the only way to ensure that every single bed bug, egg and nymph are eradicated from your home and that a re-infestation does not occur!

American Pest bed bug control services include the following:

⭐ A K-9 bed bug inspection to help positively identify a bed bug infestation within your home, our K-9 inspectors are highly trained and their sensitive nose can find adults along with the more difficult-to-locate eggs and nymphs. Our K-9 inspection dog’s noses are a very valuable “tool” in the fight against bed bugs.

⭐ Bed bug heat treatments; using heat to kill bed bugs is a highly effective, non-invasive, and extremely environmentally friendly method of bed bug control. Special mobile heaters are used to maintain a specific temperature in your home; killing all the stages of bed bugs present.

⭐ The option of conventional insecticide treatments to eliminate bed bugs.

⭐ Mattress and box spring encasements to help prevent future problems with bed bugs.


Stink Bugs In Jessup, MD

Stink bugs are an invasive, nuisance pest that as their name suggests-stink. Stink bugs luckily aren’t harmful to people or pets, but they do emit a very powerful and foul odor if they feel threatened or are squished. Now, perhaps one stink bug in your home wouldn’t be so bad, but imagine hundreds of these smelly pests invading your house.

Stink bug invasions happen to Maryland homeowners every fall when these nuisance pests make their way inside of homes in order to have a warm safe place to overwinter in. Don’t let your home become home to smelly stink bugs, contact the stink bug control experts at American Pest.

At American Pest we can reduce the number of stink bugs by performing preventative, targeted exterior treatments; these treatments are extremely safe and effective. We schedule treatments three times per year, performing the treatments in the fall and spring when stink bugs are at their peak populations. For more information about how we can help to prevent stink bugs from invading your Jessup, MD property contact us today!


Pest Control For Commercial Properties In Jessup, MD

Our staff entomologists have developed our ProCare program to help the business owners of Jessup, MD keep their facilities free of dangerous and damaging pests. This commercial pest control program works to protect businesses by targeting a wide variety of insects and rodents that are found commonly in invading commercial facilities.

Our S.T.A.R. approach to business management includes:

  • Having your facility Surveyed (S) to located pest activity and entrance points.

  • The Targeted (T) treatment of existing pest problems.

  • An analyzation (A) of the treatment outcome.

  • A report (R) of the findings is provided to help prevent future problems with pests.

American Pest is QualityPro Green accredited by the National Pest Management Association; our employees are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive services available to ensure that your business becomes and/or stays pest free!

To find out more about our ProCare program contact us today at American Pest!

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