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New Windsor, MD was first developed in 1797, due to its historic past this town is home to a diverse mix of unique historic and modern architecture. New Windsor offers its residents a small town atmosphere, but with all the of the 21st century amenities we have come to love.

The pest control experts at American Pest have been protecting homes and properties located in Maryland and the greater D.C. area for over 90 years. Whether your home or business is of historic nature or it is a new build, we have a solution to protect it from invasive and damaging pests.

Our highly trained professionals in conjunction with our green and modern pest control solutions can eliminate and control any pest and any size pest infestation. Contact American Pest today to learn more about any of our effective and affordable pest control solutions.  


Pest Control Services For Your New Windsor, MD Home

Protect your New Windsor home from pests like ants, spiders, pantry pests, roaches, beetles, mice and other critters that want to call your home their home and use it for a place to live, sleep, and eat, with the help of the professionals here at American Pest. We offer three different year-round home pest control plans each offering seasonal (4 per year) treatment visits to protect your home from over 30 common household pests, the sealing of entry points found around your home, and rodent monitoring and control services.

  • Preferred Care - Protection against common pests

  • Preferred Care Plus - Protection against common pests and termite monitoring

  • Preferred Care Complete - Protection against common pets and termite elimination

In addition to our year-round home pest control plans we provide the following residential services to protect your New Windsor home from pests: bed bug services, termite control, stink bug reduction, rodent protection, and mosquito and tick control.

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Termite Control Services In New Windsor, MD

Termites are a frustrating problem for any New Windsor property owner. They enter homes or businesses “silently” and can remain undetected for weeks, months, or in extreme cases years; with each mouthful of structural wood that the termites consume leading to costly damage to your property.

At American Pest, we protect properties from termites by first performing a thorough termite inspection by one of our experienced and knowledgeable termite inspectors. We will then install the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, a highly effective, eco-friendly system that utilizes discreet bait stations which begin working immediately eliminating the entire termite colony (including the queen) and therefore completely eliminating the entire infestation.

After the original infestation is taken care of the system remains in place and is routinely monitored and maintained by our professionals to prevent new termite infestations. Contact American Pest today to start protecting your New Windsor property from termites.

Protect Your New Windsor, MD Business From Pests

To protect your business, customers, employees, and your business’s reputation in New Windsor and all of the communities it serves, partner with the commercial pest control experts at American Pest. Our ProCare program can protect your business from common commercial pests through the following:

  • A professional survey of your property

  • The targeted treatment of pests through Integrated Pest Management protocols

  • The analyzation of our treatment outcome

  • A detailed report of our findings

Other benefits to choosing American Pest for your commercial properties pest control needs include: priority emergency pest control services, a locally staffed customer care center that is available 24 hours, and the knowledge that if a covered pest problem comes up between service visits, we will take care of the problem at no additional cost to you!

Tips To Reduce Stink Bugs In New Windsor, MD

Stink bugs generally are found living outside, only entering into homes when the weather cools off in the late fall. Stink bugs secrete a very offensive odor when they feel threatened or are squished; stink bugs overwintering in your New Windsor home can lead to a smelly situation very quickly.

At American Pest we can reduce stink bug activity in and around your home through our exterior preventative treatments that are completed 3 times per year. In addition to our stink bug remediation service, inspecting the exterior of your structure and sealing any cracks and crevices found can help to reduce the numbers of these pests found in your house. You can also try:

  • Caulk gaps found around windows and doors

  • Fill in spaces found around utility lines and pipes

  • Make sure that screens found in windows and doors are intact; replace them if they are not

  • Place tight fitting caps in chimneys and tight fitting covers over all vents

Contact American Pest today to put into place our stink bug remediation service and prevent stink bugs from using your home as their overwintering retreat this upcoming winter season!

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